Are you an Earnest Affiliate?

News just in that may affect several high-turnover affiliate sites or people with good Yahoo traffic.

H.Samuel and Ernest Jones will be amending their Terms & Conditions to no longer allow SEO affiliates to use Ernest Jones or H.Samuel brand misspells in URL’s, page titles, meta data and copy within the web pages.

Now, I don’t use misspells on my own code site. It’s only use is to attract visitors from the search engines that can’t spell.

Being a trained journalist it would annoy me to have to type typos just to attract an extra 1% of visitors.

Regardless, I’ll include on my pages on my site any content that I wish. Whether, that’s typos or banner links to competitors.

I know people have brands to protect but these same people probably bid on these same typos via PPC.

Are you an ernest or even an earnest affiliate? A quick check via Google, shows who is.

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