Milestone Reached. Now Off to Pub!

Two weeks ago I reported that I ‘reached a significant financial milestone.’

Well, after spending some money and allowing two weeks to pass, I’ve now got the joy of reaching that milestone again! How good is that?

Please don’t sue me. I’ve got a nice Friday glow and the sun is shining. Enjoy your weekend! I certainly will be after a horrible four days.

Thanks for Kirsty for interviewing me a month ago. You can read the full piece here and some related Twitter responses are below.

KeithBond @befuddle first time i’ve heard Leeds Building Society called a significant financial milestone, well done though, now you can walk to work

BFG9000 @befuddle celebrate with loads of beer & a trip to the casino – then when you wake up try to get back to that same milestone

swifty7 @befuddle pat yourself on the back, and head for the next milestone!

loquax @befuddle go and spend your £5 on sweets? ;o) LOL

venturian @befuddle spend it!

Ok then, you’ve twisted my arm! I shall.

You’re Such a Nice Funny Bunch

On a day when I’ve been asked to edit some comments from my blog I thought I’d highlight many of the nicer and funnier ones. This whole blog is a very much light hearted look at how I get by and I may have to get some Romanians on the case for a more personal redesign.

I’ve gone past the 100 subscriber milestone too, so thanks all for being entertained by the challenges and opportunities I face.

  • MAX “Great post. Brilliant how you’ve turned your money situation around”
  • KEV FORTH “Well done mate what a fantastic story”
  • GRAHAM KEEN “A great story, and one that can be an inspiration to many.”
  • DEBT FREE CHRISTIAN “Well done!”
  • BANKRUPTCY ADVICE “Terrific post”

What was the story? Well the clue is in the last two posters lol. It’s of my transformation of credit card junkie to fat bank balance.

£25k debt to £50k in the bank in 10 months

  • MAX “ha very funny blog post :) glad your free now”
  • PURPLE “I must admit I did laugh it was the way you told the story”
  • GRAHAM KEEN “A great story, and one that can be an inspiration to many.”
  • KIRSTY “Only in Ray world could this happen”
  • STEPHEN B “That was a great story, very comical vocabulary. I feel for you.”

What was the story? Well Kirsty is right. Only in Ray’s world would I get trapped in my own kitchen just days after my housemate jetted off on his world travels.

I didn’t want to die on Corona and fish fingers

  • PHIL “Perhaps it’s a good thing that when I bumped into you in Benidorm, I didn’t think you looked fat!”
  • BRAD “Well done, keep it up – thats the hard bit!”
  • KIER “I’m about 85 kilos too, but it’s pure muscle ;)
  • KEVIN “Try organic green tea, its the dogs, tatses like shi+e, but totally clears your system”

What was the story? Well it’s about my effort of losing 0.2kg a day in weight at the gym and that you can fit exercise around a full-time job and/or affiliate marketing.

Look after the lbs and the pennies will look after themselves

  • KIRSTYM “ooohhh…. yes, Monday was quite mega for me too”
  • MARK “I had my best ever day – roll on tremendous tuesday!”

What was the story? Well I recorded record sales on the first weekend of December and it appears that the joy of sales was shared.

‘Mega Monday’ was Mega!

Look after the lbs and the pennies will look after themselves

Last year when my bank accounts were getting fatter, so was my waistline. And just like my old financial debt, I didn’t take action to stop the rot until enough was enough.

The milestone for me came in December when I went to buy some trousers from NEXT and found that I couldn’t fit into size 36 trousers.

I knew I was getting fatter but I drew the line at buying a pair of 38 inch waist trousers which, when tried on, were way too baggy. [Why don’t retailers also do odd number sizes?]

So I eagerly awaited my new Slendertone belt that I won in November for being the most improved affiliate for the month.

Two weeks after giving myself electric shocks, I knew there was no escaping, I’d have to get back to the gym.

The target was simple. Squeeze back into those size 36s and look better for the June holiday season.

So post-Christmas I regularly attended gym spinning classes twice a week. That’s cycling to dance music for an hour that burns 800 calories and makes you look purple by the end of it.

I bought some new tops for my February LinkShare San Francisco trip and even then I was in trouble. It was at this point that whilst my waist was manageable my chest wouldn’t fit into XL shirts or tshirts. So for the first time ever I had to start buying XXL.

So back in England, I realised that I not only had to go to the gym but I had to change my diet. Flukily and successfully I found an exercise regime and meal plan that was losing me appproximately 1kg a week.

  1. Detox fruit smoothy or healthy vegetable juice for breakfast £3
  2. Salad box with soup for lunch £5.50
  3. Tesco Wholefood nuts to snack £2
  4. Tesco Healthy ready meal for dinner £3.50
  5. 2 x midweek spinning classes
  6. 2 x midweek sauna & steam room
  7. Friday liquid diet of getting smashed followed by a Saturday morning spin and sauna

Not cheap … hence pennies are required and they all may be contributing to my weight loss.

By the time my trip to Benidorm came about at the end of April I’d dropped from 91kg to 85kg. I was worried that I’d put the weight back on drinking vodka for a week but I actually lost a further kilo whilst on holiday. My stomach at that point has gotten used to eating smaller portions.

During that holiday I had a real problem keeping my trousers up lol. They were constantly falling down and the belts just weren’t up to the job.

So back to NEXT I went, three weeks later, where I got myself measured up.

The assistant happily told me I was a size 34 waist. So there I am, I’m 6 kilos lighter and dropped a waist size, when 6 months ago I was ballooning in the other direction.

There’s still more to come but the most fundamental difference to me is that I’ve actually gotten off my arse to get to the gym and now look forward to it.

Last year, I believed that I had to spend every hour possible at my computer for my website to be a success. I’d think that two hours at the gym would harm my business. Now I know that’s not the case. I’m no longer tired in an evening, when I once was.

It’s all about working smarter. Look after the lbs and the pennies will look after themselves.

Taxi for Theakston

This morning an old lady said she’d say pray for me. What a nice gesture I thought until I creepily wondered if she knew something I didn’t.

I was late for work and was about to dash into my taxi waiting outside (not quite at the chauffeur driven lifestyle just yet) when a woman with two crutches asked if I was going in a certain direction.

I said to her I was and I offered her a place in the taxi. Just two minutes later she was gone and she said she’d pray for me.

Since my interview by Kirsty that was well received in the affiliate community, I’ve had an extra 13 subscribers to my blog.

Any increase is good but that is an unlucky number. Was it a sign?

At I explained how my business was doing well and gave insight on my imminent plans and longer term aspirations.

I also said that Google like to keep me on my toes. Well less than 24 hours after that post, the mighty search engine has dropped my angelic site from its search result pages with a big bang.

Yes, you’ll still find Shop Codes with its site links, if you search for ‘shop codes’ but perform a search for ‘voucher codes’ and you won’t find my site in the first 666 results.

So dear old lady. Hope your dentist appointment went well.

Let us pray!

Disclaimer: Ray does not insinuate that other affiliates will be hit with the alliterative ‘Curse of Kirsty’ but does recommend you do a good deed today to avoid bad karma.

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