I’ve Got The Taste and Want A Lot More

Clutching a beer, I walked in a few minutes late to the ‘You want to Tweet What!?’ late afternoon standing-room-only sesssion to see Dom @TheHodge having a few people in stitches.

He then proceeded to project a collection of humorous tweets which seemed to be mainly from the legendary AlCarlton and a fair few from that Befuddle guy.

So I thought I’d mull over my live tweets from A4UExpo London 2009, which sadly aren’t that humorous but reflected what I was thinking at that time.

Blimey not been here 2 mins and Novotel Excel have charged me 150 for extras. Best abuse the free bar!
7:02 PM Oct 12th

As Chris Clarkson said on Facebook, “Lol, your reputation preceeds you!”

#a4uexpo pre-party has changed with bar well closed and everyone in bed before 4am. I remember when … 🙂
4:00 AM Oct 13th

OK it was 4am on the night before the actual event, so I’ll let people off. I loved that I woke up at 8:50am with my phone in my hand and 8:00 typed into my phone alarm clock but I’d fell asleep before pressing done. I skipped breakfast, grabbed a large Mocha and shuffled into Dave Naylor’s SEO strategies talk.

@3wdl it’s all waffle 🙂
10:55 AM Oct 13th
Voucher code session at #a4uexpo full of facts but not heard anything new
11:03 AM Oct 13th

I’ve got a vested interest in voucher code discussion but I don’t think the content answered the question that was posed.

This session is just a subtle advert for AOL buyat. Got to get out. Where’s the beer? #a4uexpo
12:33 PM Oct 13th

I was set to attend the Affiliate Doctors panel but from experience wanted to go to more challenging sessions, so I made the last second decision to pop next door for ’10 Things To Do Before You Thrive As Affiliates …’

Did that say ’10 Things’ because the slide they presented said only ‘3 things’. As for my Twitter comment, to me, it was a network basically saying ‘use a network and by the way we know of a network…’

Class! Walk late into #a4uexpo Twitter presentation to see my funniest status updates being showcased
5:30 PM Oct 13th
JoannaButler @befuddle They were legendary! @thehodge has a great tweet collection!
5:34 PM Oct 13th from Tweetie in reply to befuddle

The Hodge was showcasing some of my funnier Tweets, here’s one of my earlier ones:

befuddle: “just completed the Bupa online health check whilst eating a Balti”

Bored at #a4uexpo party but Al Carlton’s mugging sounds fun
1:15 AM Oct 14th

The free Oxygen at the party wasn’t enough to keep me perked up so I logged onto Facebook to catch up on Al Carlton’s evening, to which he replied ‘Lol, I’m still turning it over in my head, it was just odd.’.

End up arguing with dozen 02 bouncers for an hour after #a4uexpo party ends. No blood spilled.
3:23 AM Oct 14th

I went to the bar to order five JD & Cokes and paid twenty quid and Gulshan shot another twenty quid forward. I took that back as we didn’t need ten but after a quick count on the fingers, worked out we needed eight, so may as well get ten and handed forward another 20. Still with me? Well the bar lady wasn’t and lost it.

The 02 club bar staff, management and security told us we owed them 20, then we owed them 1.26 and then that they’d returned the full 40. All of which they’d seen on their camera. The 20 they owed us (and not us them) was irrelevant but I’ll always defend my corner. But when you’ve got the biggest bouncers – and these were huge – circling you saying ‘stop playing games’ you know it’s time to just shut up and let them share the twenty quid between themselves and all the cleaners that were witnessing.

lammo77 Last men standing at the #a4uexpo bar.. @jasonjbrockman @befuddle and @duncanp
4:11 AM Oct 14th

Another 4am finish!

This is the life. Teresa from Stream:20 giving me a back massage on a #a4uexpo beanbag
1:24 PM Oct 14th

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

@Thehodge Grab their beer tokens
2:32 PM Oct 14th

In reply that it seemed that not many were planning to stick around for the closing party though plenty did.

@3wdl Where do pirates chat online? Twittaaarrr
3:13 PM Oct 14th

My effort to ‘win’ some rum and coke from the Affiliate Future stand during their pirate hour.

My Leeds Clarence Dock neighbour Gary Beal offering half hour SEO site review (worth 4k) for free #a4uexpo
4:10 PM Oct 14th
andybanksuk @befuddle Half hour SEO review worth 4k???? Are you sure you got the figure right?
5:00 PM Oct 14th in reply to befuddle

By this point I was lagging and after freshening up, was ready to party …

Vodka luge my face off
5:52 PM Oct 14th
jimbanks @befuddle can i get it on video ? I am sitting right by it.
5:56 PM Oct 14th in reply to befuddle
claireellison @befuddle dirty b@st@rd ;o)
6:15 PM Oct 14th in reply to befuddle

Vodka luge, every party should have one! Stick Sambuca in it and then you go do and say crazy stuff 🙂 …

Befuddle loves Elissa Benson who I’ve just met #a4uexpo
10:15 PM Oct 14th
jimbanks @befuddle easy tiger!!
10:37 PM Oct 14th in reply to befuddle

One big France Telecom love in 🙂

messydesk With @befuddle and @KeithBond having a good last night at a4uexpo
10:42 PM Oct 14th

Thanks for the Spotify invite Keith and more importantly mentioning my Hong Kong interest to Ken. My .hk site project may finally come off the ground.

jimbanks @befuddle im on the train going home but have video of @judithlewis doing the vodka shot and a full frontal (of the ice that is)
10:51 PM Oct 14th in reply to befuddle

I fortunately managed to avoid starring on Jim’s YouTube’s page.

Another befuddled #a4uexpo. Will return back to London soon, then next stops Vegas, Munich & Leeds
3:41 AM Oct 15th

Bed before 4am. Woo hoo! Joe Connor spotted that organiser Matt Wood was giving away free passes to Munich, I just thought they were beer mats. I’m off to Vegas in January with the likes of Kieron, Clarkson and Frostie then I look forward to seeing you all in Leeds for the third ThinkVisibility.

@befuddle Mucho love for Mr Befuddled at the a4u conference… less love for the vodka flu that has now set in
10:21 AM Oct 15th

After a night of champagne, Sambuca, Vodka and lots of JD I don’t know how I got to Kings Cross for my 10:35am train – but I did. And it allowed me time to catch up on my notes of the week, so I write …

I’ve got the taste and I want a lot more
11:34 AM Oct 15th

Befuddled Butler At Your Service

You won’t find me in the official photographs but I was at the A4uAwards this week and sneaked my own camera in, after previously shaming others in their drunken states.

As soon as I posted a few pictures of me along with Joshna, Jess, Jo and Teresa onto Facebook, a close friend of mine said, ‘Ray you look like a butler??? class!!!’ instead of commenting on the pretty girls of affiliate marketing.

So, on that note, how can this Befuddled Butler help you for the next few days?

If you affiliate managers have one request of me, just one single thing that you’d like me to do, then please let me know.

I haven’t really updated my site since April and so I know there’s lots of requests and day-to-day nitty gritty tasks that just haven’t been tackled.

So, if there’s one single thing you’d like me to do between Saturday and midnight Tuesday then just let me know. I am moving home on Thursday and don’t even know when I’ll next have a broadband connection, so get in touch quick.

Resend that email that I’ve ignored and put the word butler in the message. I will action it!

Amsterdam Paid for Itself 15 Times Over

NOT many recognisable UK affiliates were in attendance at the a4uExpo and AAC conferences in Amsterdam. It’s not easy to get abroad for a week but I looked at it as an opportunity to do some more networking, learn some more skills and possibly do a bit of business in a fun city, despite the costs.

I travelled alone but knew approximately 20 people, either from meeting them at previous London A4uExpo’s, other local affiliate marketing events or from meeting facebook friends in person for the first time. Plenty were staying at the same Novotel hotel, which made socialising that much easier.

The majority of people stayed 3 nights for the affiliate marketing conference but I stayed 1 extra night to take in one day of AAC, as I’d been to previous CAP gambling conferences and they know how to party and put on a show.

My flight from Leeds cost 90 and I did have the misfortune of having my 850 laptop stolen on my return from my locked hold luggage. This was after checking in at Schipol and picking my bag up after a 2 hour flight delay.

With the hotel costing 670 Euros and 1 beer the equivalent of 8 a pint, one could have looked at it as a very expensive jaunt.

However, Befuddle had an interesting and profitable time …

400 Euros Won

Prior to leaving I bought some business cards with the Paris Hilton cartoon lookalike that adorns my drunk celebrity site Befuddle.co.uk. The plan was to have a card that caught the eye and would win if drawn from a bowl.

Well Market-Ace.com had such a draw and I was given 400 Euros in cash on the last day of the a4uEXpo. It’s still in my wallet and so I came back to the UK with more money that I went with (to Amsterdam!) Result!

a4uAwards Ticket Offered

During the week I was provided with opportunities to attend the black-tie a4uAwards dinner in London. I shall be attending as guests of Red Letter Days.

Taken to Dinner

The network Linkshare UK kindly invited me out to dinner one evening at the excellent Groucho’s and it’s nice gestures like this that make the event memorable and their network more personable. It was also a pleasure to drink and relax with the kind people of Affiliate Future, Existem AM, dgmPro and party hard with Stream20.

15,000 Commission Deal Sealed

It wasn’t all drinking, dancing and smoking. I had to do some work so I set up a few meetings with merchants who I make significant sums with. I went through the stats with one merchant and they offered to DOUBLE my commission level. That 20 minute meeting would equate to an extra 15k a year based on current traffic and referrals. That 800 hotel and travel cost seems such an investment now.

Bit of Sunshine

Whilst in the Dam I found out via Twitter that I was one of the lucky winners for the Affiliate Future trip to Barbados. I think I may have to detox my body before then. It was a nice 21 degrees outside too though I saw little of it.

New Friends

This event was never about the money but I thought I’d highlight that you just never know what may come your way with a bit of networking. I have got lots to follow up over the coming days indeed weeks. As well as the business deals I want to implement as many of the tips I learned at the conferences that I stayed awake for.

It was also good to be able to attend an event in a country alone and be able to socialise with people across the affiliate industry who are now friends. That is priceless.

Think Visibility Stripped Bare

It’s been a bizarre month for me. For starters I was one of the first to turn up for a conference … at 8:30am! … on a Saturday! … sober!

I later made amends and got back to Befuddle ways and was later pictured with a lovely friendly lady at a local Leeds establishment.


Anyway, at the ThinkVisibility conference there was a mixture of affiliate marketeers and ‘geeks‘, including organiser The Hodge.

Names you may recognise from the A4u site or networking include Kieron, ‘Elaine and Dave’ and Chris Clarkson.

Kieron presented the last talk of the day and showed some very interesting slides on how he made just a small part of his money during 2008.


I made some bulleted notes along the way on my phone.

  1. mobile
  2. blog
  3. cpm geo target
  4. email & rss
  5. outsource
  6. buyitnow x2 conv
  7. build trust (ie expired codes)
  8. reply to all emails
  9. don’t upset Dave Naylor
  10. always check backlinks
  11. subdomains for serps
  12. sales
  13. ‘chill’ elaine

I’ve been working on some of them since. The “You need to chill out more,” comment from Elaine is currently difficult at the present time, so I am channeling my energy by 2) updating my blog more and 7) building trust by spring cleaning my site and removing expired content. Although this does go against 12) sales where Kieron demonstrated some good examples of making money with older content.

There will be another Think Visibility event in Leeds in September and it will sell out and it will be a late night both before and afterwards … if you follow me at least.

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