Webgains Voucher Code System Sale

I’ve recorded my first sale using the new Webgains Voucher Tool system.

When clicking on today’s earnings and the commission amount for JustSocca I can see that a code was actually used in the sale process. That’s good to know.

I can see what products were purchased. Also useful.

I can also see which code was used. Very useful. My Exclusive “SHOPCODES1” code was given to me on the 25th and it made a sale on the 26th. I’m impressed with that.

I’ll use that information to make sure JustSocca receive a prominent position on the site.

Interestingly the sale didn’t have any url data. So I don’t know what page or creative was used to get the sale.

Now that Webgains are paying on code usage and not last cookie referrer, it’s feasible that it was another affiliates website.

Now that would be even better.

I’ve raised one issue with the system in that the customer discount wasn’t listed alongside the voucher description. So I had to still refer to my emails to confirm. This is reliant on merchants including as much detail as possible in the ‘description’ field.

Well done Webgains.

‘Peel Away’ Pages Catches Imagination

During Valentine’s month I thought I’d promote Figleaves a little differently on my site. The merchant was once my top performer for a while but sales stagnated.

Eagle-eyed visitors to my ShopCodes site may have spotted in the top right corner that my page was peeling away.

There was an intentionally subtle hint of an offer, if they clicked or ‘peeled away’ the page.

By hovering their mouse over the corner, the page would pull back and they’d see an existing Figleaves offer, promoting a 10% Valentine’s discount code and free delivery.

I created the background page by merging two existing Figleaves creatives together and I created the small teaser image by cropping another.

I heard a rumour that an affiliate network was offering this ad format over a year ago. It never happened so I bought the code for a measly $7.

For the first two weeks of February I’ve generated over 1,500 worth of sales for Figleaves.com who are on both the TradeDoubler and LinkShare networks.

With tracking code, I can see that buyers have directly used this new form of advertising space.

Now that Valentine’s is approaching and this code is about to expire very soon I’m looking for a new merchant to promote in this spot.

Personally I’d like a merchant to offer me a modest 100 bonus fee to be present there on top of any commissions I may receive.

I require two creatives. 75×75 pixels and 500×500 pixels. Not all of that space is used, so the key content should be displayed top and right.

Ideally the promotion would be topical (Mother’s Day/ Easter) and it would include a valid promotional code, so that the slot adds value and is more than just a click-through direct to merchant.

So, if you’re interested please get in touch.

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