Caps Off to Jackpotjoy

San Francisco, Benidorm and now Barcelona! This week I shall be venturing abroad on my THIRD affiliate incentive that gets me off this broken island this year. I love this job!

The latest trip is the highly anticipated CAP Euro Casino Conference that is taking place this weekend at the five star Hotel Princesa Sofia.

I shall be flying from Leeds tomorrow afternoon courtesy of Jasper and Claire of Jackpotjoy. They held the incentive ‘Go to CAP Euro on us‘ which I noticed had no replies on the forum at least.

All I had to do was register for the promotion and then refer real money players to the gaming site. For every player referred I got one entry and as Jackpotjoy is one of my most popular merchants on ShopCodes I had good odds.

There’ll be a few faces in Barcelona that I’ll recognise around the parties and bars. As well as Jasper and Claire, Matt Wood is attending; Hayley and Sammy from and fellow discount coder Barry will be working their way through San Miguel amongst the networking activities.

It should be good fun. I don’t do anything in the gaming sector aside from what I do on ShopCodes but maybe it will inspire me to turn my ‘Ca$$$h for Beer‘ domain into a site that will earn me cash for beer.

p.s. If you don’t already promote Jackpotjoy, you’re missing out on a trick as you get a nice monthly 30% revenue share bonus from them. Jasper has hinted at exciting times ahead and that they’re changing from being Jackpotjoy Affiliates.

Slanket Prezzy is a Plus

Many thanks to John from Prezzies Plus who is sending me a Slanket. The blanket with sleeves is a hit in America and is already selling out of pre-order stock.

John got in touch after recognising that a Slanket sale had been made using my Exclusive Prezzies Plus coupon code but that the sale hadn’t tracked via Affiliate Window.


I’ve created a little buzz about the slanket around the office and so a few colleagues have purchased one, as they’re ideal Christmas presents.

One of the developers has third party cookies disabled by default though and even though he accepted 2 when prompted, when clicking through via my site, the affiliate sale wasn’t registered.

So John kindly paid me a manual commission.

John has also kept me in the loop with their delivery and the latest is that the goods are already in the container on its way and the ship is due to dock 17th October.

There was to be an initial September air shipment but that has been cancelled.

By the time the container arrives, it is highly likely that all that stock will be sold out, so this item may not be able to keep up with demand to make it the number one Christmas present.

These are going to be huge and I’m not the only Slanket fan.

The Name’s Mond

The names Mond, RayMond and for the past week I’ve had the licence to thrill and chill in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

Winning a Mission I set off before sun break to spend 7-nights blending in with the pensioners of Benidorm.

I stayed in the posh Belroy hotel, with its own cocktail bar, nightclub, gym and two pools. So as not to raise suspicion at the complex that I was a tourist, I resisted all temptation to salsa dance with the senoritas. Instead, I ventured into the British Square and took base at Cafe Benidorm between the hours of 2am and 7am.

My mission was to report back daily and using the latest technology of a mobile phone, camera and laptop, I was able to send back coded messages via twitter and undercover pictures quickly made their way onto facebook. 

My trusted sidekick was briefed with taking pictures of me blending in with the holiday makers. Some fortunately were better looking than the meals I had to take pictures of.

At the Indian restaurant a suspicious waiter asked if we had any luck with the spanish ladies.

I replied that I was the only one who ate the spinach and it was lovely.

That befuddled coded reply, pretty much summed up my state of mind for the week.

Work has never been so much fun.

You’ve Got to be Innit to Win It

I wasn’t in the mood for updating codes last night. I was starting to burn out and needed to work on something light-hearted and a little different. So past the watershed and before bed time I knocked up this Ibiza Sunshine site using the latest affiliate tools from

However I’m not that good with PhotoShop so I set my friends this morning a little task to win themselves some beer from me this evening.

The task was to build me a new logo.

Consolation prize goes to Stephen who took great pride in this facebook graffiti entry. He wins at least one pint.

The winner is James with his “ibiza holidayz innit” logo. James wins himself some nice Stella and as he doesn’t drink much there may be a rollover!

Thanks go to all the other entrants too.

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