Shop Codes top keywords

Shop Codes is eighteen months old and below are the top search phrases that have attracted visitors to the site. This post was prompted as a search for “voucher codes” now returns Shop Codes in the middle of page one in Google. This is a promotion as the site has often been in eleventh place.

Shop Codes does not rely on advertising via Pay-Per-Click to generate traffic. Of the eighteen months, the site has been advertised on either Google or Yahoo for parts of nine of those months. The last PPC activity was two months ago on 5th June 2007.
Number one keyword

  1. Feb-Mar 06 – discount codes
  2. Apr-July 06 – tesco+voucher+codes
  3. Aug-Oct 06 – discount codes
  4. Nov-Dec 06 – merchant brand name X
  5. Jan-Mar 07 – discount codes
  6. Apr 07 – voucher codes
  7. May 07- merchant brand name Z
  8. June-Aug 07- voucher codes

Number one keyword discounting any PPC activity

  1. Feb-Jul 06 tesco+voucher+codes
  2. Aug 06 tesco voucher codes
  3. Sep 06 microdirect voucher
  4. Oct 06 tesco voucher codes
  5. Nov-Dec 06 merchant brand name X
  6. Jan 07 – merchant brand name Y
  7. Feb 07 – voucher codes
  8. Mar-May 07- merchant brand name Z
  9. June-Aug 07- voucher codes
    You’ll see that I’ve mentioned ‘Tesco’ and ‘MicroDirect’ but elsewhere I’ve listed “merchant brand name” “X,Y and Z”. I can’t really tell you what merchants they are, as they still feature very highly in the search results and are profitable to me.
    I generated over 100,000 sales for ‘Merchant brand name X’ alone during the two Christmas months.
    What can I tell from this picture?

    Well, when I first launched the site I set out to rank highly for the term “voucher codes”. That has been achieved. It’s only been in more recent months that I’ve focussed on other related keywords and three word phrases.

    Also, the four months where merchant X, Y and Z are listed were my most profitable. And this is one of the reasons why I suspended PPC activity. Rather than chasing visitors that typed in “voucher codes” into Google, I opted to be more direct and find those visitors who actually had a shop or product in mind too.

    If you find that one of your sites merchant pages is the number one result in Google for a keyword or phrase, I recommend you avoid playing about with that content or page too much.

    My “Merchant Brand Name Y” is highly featured as I put some original copy into my pages. If I remove that phrase now, then the page will no longer feature when it’s next indexed.

    So, like me, keep a close eye on what keywords are being used to find your site. You may find some gems.

    And if your top keyword phrase is “tesco voucher codes”. Well done. You can keep it 🙂

Voucher Diary starts to receive Google traffic

13th August, 2007 Comments Off on Voucher Diary starts to receive Google traffic

Voucher Diary, the discount code site I soft launched on FaceBook last week has started receiving traffic after being indexed in Google.

Voucher Diary is the third (but not final) stage of my WordPress experiment.

Experiment 1 – 1234 Codes

In January I launched 1234codes as a back-up to my Shop Codes content. It was effectively the same content but on another domain. I wanted to see how Google compared both sites and in particular the pages. Google preferred 1234codes and the Shop Codes pages were often in the Supplemental index.

Experiment 2 – Shop Codes – bite size

I then upgraded WordPress but in the process lost my content so I implemented a WordPress blog within the Shop Codes site. Calling it ‘Shop Codes – bite size‘ it was the same content but with a different navigation structure and a lot less graphic intensive. Again I could compare how Google treated the same content within the same domain.

During July, Google listed both pages together in the SERPS. If you performed a search for ‘Comet’ say, the first result for my site would be the original Shop Codes page and the second indented result would be the ‘bite size’ version.

I then went away on holiday for three weeks and didn’t perform any site updates. I came back to find that Google had again changed the way it displayed my site in the results. This was at the same time they removed their Supplemental Index.

This time around the ‘bite size’ pages were getting top billing but the original Shop Codes merchants pages were hidden a little deeper.

So in both cases it was clear that Google preferred the cleaner build of the WordPress pages rather than my hand crafted own.

With ‘bite size’ I am having template issues, in that it always reverts back to the original design, so I have spent a few evenings searching for the best free designs available, looking for one that will stick.

Experiment 3 – Voucher Diary

Whilst browsing WordPress themes I found two designs that were designed to look like a diary. I’m sat on several domain names that I’ve not touched since I’ve purchased them and so I thought it would be an appropriate time to have a play with ‘Voucher Diary’.

The focus of ‘Voucher Diary’ will be to display codes that are new or about to expire. I’d not launched this sooner as I don’t have a CMS but Word Press has a plug-in or two you can use to handle expired posts.

I launched it with duplicate content to begin with, allowing me time to find a design and category structure I was comfortable with.

I then looked at the tone of the content and thought best it should be written in a diary style. So I am currently playing with having a male and female guest characters updating the content.

And that’s where I am today. I’ve still got design and content to modify until I’m satisfied with the final product but it’s good to see that it is being indexed by Google already.

Shop Codes subscriber numbers reaches first milestone

There are now over 100 subscribers to the Shop Codes newsletter, which is double the amount of traffic I received from Google organic search listings one day in June.
July was a record month for Shop Codes in terms of traffic and sales but June was a scare after the highs of May when my site was in the top three results for many profitable keyword searches.

Google only sent 52 unique visitors to my site on 21st June. This was a significant blow as the amount of traffic has an impact on the amount of profit.

I had a determination not to spend my May profits on Google Adwords, which does not represent value for money, so I looked at alternative methods of attracting visitors.

I first launched an RSS feed. I’ve opted for manually editing mine rather than just plugging it into a Word Press updated site. The result is that it includes a tailored paragraph that deliberately includes the discount code in the content. My traffic statistics show that this is published on other websites.

The RSS feed is powered by FeedBurner who have since been bought by Google.

I then chose to launch an email newsletter. This has been something I have been deliberating about for many months. I’d not launched one sooner as I wanted the design and content to be exactly right. However with traffic dipping to a low of 225 unique visitors a day I opted for the easiest solution. This was to have FeedBurner send an email based on my RSS content.

The result is each time I update my RSS that includes a new url, an email newsletter is sent out to subscribers. Potentially then an email could be sent daily but by monitoring what urls are included in the RSS I have a pretty good idea of when a newsletter will be published and what will be included.

Today I have 105 subscribers to my newsletter, which is double the amount of visitors Google sent me one day in June. That’s exactly what I set out to achieve two months ago.

Stay Mobile with your business

I’m in the middle of a two week holiday abroad but I’m still very much in touch with my business, using the Internet on my mobile phone.

Opera Mini

This Internet browsing application is amazing and works for java enabled phones. Here are just some of the websites I am able to access whilst I am away from a computer.

Google Mail

All my personal and business email is forwarded to my Google mail account. I’ve currently got 540 unread emails in my inbox but using my filtering techniques I can quickly see that 28 include the word “codes” and so are likely to include new discount codes for my site. 27 include the word “voucher”, 136 refer to “sales” and 6 are for “closures”. By using the filtering I can read the emails I consider to be the most important first.


I can quickly see live daily traffic statistics and what keywords are driving visitors to the site. Whilst I use Google Analytics, I always check Statcounter first as the page formats very well on my Sony Ericsson K800i.

RSS Feeds

By subscribing to my favourite web sites I can keep up with the latest posts on and away from the business keep up with what’s happening at Middlesbrough Football Club and see what my friends are doing on Facebook.

So in summary, using my mobile phone I can always keep up-to-date with what’s important to me via accessing email, forums and social media sites.

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