ShopCodes Sitelinks Success

ShopCodes has been rewarded with an extra eight links displayed when you perform a Google search. is the number one result for the search query ‘shop codes’ that has over 3million results.

These additional links shown below only some sites in the Google search results are called sitelinks and are there to help users navigate.

Shop Codes sitelinks

Google systems have analyzed the link structure of ShopCodes to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Google only show sitelinks for results when they think they’ll be useful to the user. If they don’t think that the sitelinks are relevant for the user’s query, they won’t show them.

The links are completely automated and you have to be in the first position for a search, for a chance to have this feature applied to your site.

I’ve ten links in total displayed when you include the second result on the page. Some sites only have five.

As well as linking to my voucher codes, exclusive codes and site map pages, the sitelinks list some high profile merchants too. Currys, Dixons, Figleaves, Debenhams and Tesco all feature.

Unfortunately at this time there are no affiliate released codes for Tesco and Debenhams, so I’ve included an RSS subscription form prominently on those pages.

Shop Codes California Dreamin

Shop Codes visitors arrive from 96 different countries. So as well as promoting those in Great Britain I’ve trialled diversifying into other lucrative markets.

Outside of the UK and USA, my visitors are mainly from Europe, Canada and Australia. Germany and France make up most of the European market.

I contacted Webgains to see if they could help me find a few European merchants I could promote. Their German counterpart got in touch and was keen to send me lots of promotional coupons for merchants in that market.

So using Babelfish, I translated the offers and built a couple of pages. Now I had a dilemna. Was the wisest thing to try and translate the German into my own English version or paste verbatim the German text. I ended up with a mish mash and the page promoting a Coupon Code is the 5th result in the German Google for the same search term.

I’ve been building pages in German yet the closest I’ve come to learning German is from episodes of ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet‘ and those seventies movies with the American ‘actors’ with German voices and English subtitles. So I quickly realised that promoting European merchants may not be the wisest choice. Geographically I should expand there but I have to follow the quick wins. So USA was the next target.

This morning I noticed in my referrer logs that I had two visitors searching for “20% code classiccloseouts” and “coupon code”. As this screen grab shows I am top result in for the term “ $10 code”. This is a US only merchant on the CJ network that always has coupons to promote.

Both visitors came from California but the stats also show that they didn’t stick around for more than a second, if that. All the same, World domination has started with that red speck to the left.

If Google UK decide to drop my site in the rankings in the coming weeks, I’ll be doing some ‘California dreamin on such a winter’s day’.

‘Save Befuddle’ group tops 50 members

50 friends, colleagues and Internet marketeers have joined the ‘Save Befuddle’ group on Facebook. The group was created as a morale boosting exercise as my site Befuddle hit its lowest ever patch. I needed quick solutions and support to save my site within a self-imposed 10-day deadline.

As reported on Facebook, this blog and Affiliates4u, Befuddle had been punished by Google for distributing Malware. A search in Google for say “Victoria Beckham drunk”, returned “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Traffic has nose dived. Google organic was sending me approximately 1,000 unique visitors a day and now it’s just a handful.

The site is still receiving a few hundred visitors each day, down from just short of 2,000 visitors.

Not knowing where the problem came from I removed all US based third party advertising and counters. This left the pages looking terribly ugly so I deleted all celebrity pages. This drastic course of action also meant I didn’t have to single handedly have to manually check each one. Some celebrities had 100 pages in their own sections.

I’ve posted up some new drunk celebs pages in a different directory and used the opportunity to display larger size images along with some YouTube clips to make the site more sticky.

I’ve also added Google AdSense to the pages so that not all revenue is lost. AdSense is generating about $6 a day with the current levels of traffic, which is a lot more than the flashing advertising ever did.

On Sunday I submitted my site for review at where the site is currently in the process of being reviewed.

Thanks for the support here, on Affiliates4u and Facebook.

Befuddle will be saved and will come out stronger.

It pays to sign-off properly

On 16th April I started a thread on the affiliates4u site about the launch of Google checkout and how sales weren’t being tracked. The post included my signature which had a link to my Shop Codes site.

Later in the day ‘Qui Gon Jinn’ a moderator of the site moved the post to the ‘Affiliate Marketing – Moderators Choice’ section. As a result, the post was featured on the home page of the popular site.

It was a hot topic that got heated at times and the thread was viewed by members and guests over 2,300 times.

While the debate was in full flow, I stepped back, as I noticed another pressing matter – my site traffic was increasing exponentially. For more than a week, the site’s influential homepage was linking directly to my own.

I know this had a positive influence on how Google then looked at my site. Here’s a screengrab of how my traffic grew.

It’s no coincidence. I’ve mentioned in my own blog that May 2007 was a record month for my site and I have not looked back since.

Qui Gon Jinn, aka Moose, I’ll get you a drink if I have the time to attend an affiliates get together.

Meanwhile, if you write subtle page signatures, you never know what results it may bring.

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