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I thought I’d take a moment out to praise an excellent email from Jon from, the contents of which should shame those affiliate managers who kick under performing affiliates away.

Health Check

“Why doesn’t convert for me? If you are one of the affiliates that aren’t seeing sales come through regularly you are probably wondering what is going wrong. Don’t despair send me an email with your name, ID, a brief note of what you do to promote us and any links, and I will review and give you a full health check by response…”

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Jon, who replies to every single affiliate email should be taken up on his offer as there is a healthy 10% commission available for every sale.

Even high performers can earn up to 20%, so it maybe worth seeing how you can generate 10,000 worth of sales in a month.

I’ve yet to implement the suggestions he made to me in our last email thread but I am satisfied with the slight improvement my own site has made in conversions.

This January I’ve already generated 33% of the sales total I made in the whole of 2007.

I promote the merchant with an Exclusive promotional code, which is provided to me on a monthly rolling basis, so if I don’t perform, I may lose the code.

Compare Jon’s email with the one from B&Q, both on the Affiliate Window network.

“B&Q is currently under going a review of their affiliate activities. We are looking to ensure B&Q partners with Affiliates driving high volume traffic and sales to

Unfortunately, as part of this process we are looking to remove affiliates who are not delivering the desired threshold on these metrics from the program.

After reviewing the clicks and sales delivered from your website in the last 3 months, you have not met our minimum threshold. Thus, it is with regret that we will be suspending you from the B&Q program. This will take effect 7 days from receipt of this email.”

B&Q, I think your affiliate program needs a health check.

Hello and Goodbye from Funday?

The email began so friendly, “Hello from Funday!” but again the important small print sat lurking at the death. “… failure to make contact with me could result in your affiliate account being suspended.”

What’s the crime? None, just to make sure the brand is consistent and “makes us ALL plenty of money for Christmas treats.”

OK, the Bank Holiday is now out of the way. Let’s all get stressed for Christmas.

So after mulling over what to send in the email to Funday, I was wondering if I could get away with just replying with a blank template or my email signature?

I opted for the more polite approach and to say that I was looking forward to seeing what new promotional codes they were offering and I sent it to the address listed in the mail.

It however, promptly bounced, with the error: “Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 Requested action was not taken because this server doesn’t handle mail for that user.”

So there we have it. Funday may not get many replies and so let the suspensions begin.

My name is Ray … not Barry

Must be long days over at Affiliate Window towers as in the last week I’ve had two account managers call me Barry each time I send a reply to an email.

I get the reply “Hi Barry,” after the initial mail correctly states “Hi Ray.”
For the record, my name is “Ray” but I often use “Raymond” in print. My email username and forum username is “Befuddle” and you can catch me on MSN as “theaky”.

When I get an email beginning “Dear Raymond” I just know its automated and I often read them last of all. So I don’t mind Barry too much, as it has that personal touch.

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