Big Issue over Small Creative

One Publisher Manager appears to have threatened to kick me off a program for using a network creative to link direct to a merchants site.

When you login to a network site and list your programs, there’s generally a link called “Creatives”. This is full of wonderful imagery in a range of sizes. I particularly use 468×60; 120×600 and 88×31.

From the network page you are able to select the design and size you want and they kindly provide some HTML code to emded into your own site.

When the creative is on your site, users can then click the images and go to the intended site as advertised on the creative.

Simple isn’t it?

Well not quite. Said PB says to ‘secure my place on the program’, which is definitely a threat that I have in writing, that I need to remove the link to the merchant from the creative.

Instead PB wants the 88×31 creative to link to a page on my site. So why should I treat this merchant any differently to the 900 on my site? Why haven’t other networks pulled all their creative code and removed all links direct to merchants?

Did I do as PB threatened, I mean requested. No, I removed the creative completely.

Cost to me annually for taking this stand – and being removed from the program – 185.

If you’re as Befuddled as me by this, then feel free to comment.

Has Your Site Ballooned?

Receive some fun free exposure to your website by taking part in the world’s first ever balloon race across the internet.

The Orange Balloon Race is challenging people to fly their own personalised animals balloon across 1,500 selected websites that include Tesco, The Sun and my own

The contestant who travels the furthest distance will win a luxury 7 night Ibiza holiday for themselves and 7 friends.

20,000 people have signed up at and if you register your site today they may land on your website over the remaining 6 days.

My memory arouses interest

My ShopCodes site now includes the new Page Peel advertising format, which Webgains introduced last week into their creative mix.

I have long liked this format and now they’re being used by MyMemory, Viking Direct and iSubscribe.

I like these as the MyMemory ad specifically highlights their latest promotion, which happens to be a 10% discount code. So it sits particularly well on my site.

The Page Peel adverts entice web users to peel away the page, offering a unique and subtle way of enlarging the available page area. By hovering over the peel back area in the top corner of the page a new adspace is created.

The ads can be found under the ‘html’ type section of the Webgains link matrix. I’ve simply pasted the javascript code in the foot of my template file and it instantly appears in the top right of the page.

This painless task is a lot quicker than creating your own as the ad creators have trialled the design for the purpose. The Page Peel script is supported by all web browsers as it uses Adobe Flash Player enabling access to 98% of all internet viewers.

The benefits of using the Page Peel from Webgains are:

  • Keep website space for your content
  • Innovative design that arouses interest
  • A clean method of advertising
  • Complements other forms of online advertising (e.g. banners)

So thanks to Webgains and the merchants that have already embraced this format for the affiliate channel.

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