Cheeky Theaky Caricature Awesome

My life is often as entertaining and surreal as a comic strip, so it was only a matter of time I became a cartoon.

Having been impressed with the caricatures of others in the affiliate marketing industry including A4uawards Blog of the Year Award nominee John Lamerton and (slim looking) Kieron Donoghue at the new Affiliate Doctors site, I set about to get a shiny version of my own.

I started by contacting Web Design Ireland and designer Keith quickly pointed me in the right direction of Caricature King.

It is really easy to order a cartoon version of yourself there. You first pick one of the seven designers to do your version. It is helpful to browse each of their portfolios to get a design that suits your needs.

Mine was to have a recognisable image that I can use in this blog and as an icon across all different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Affiliates4u and for blog comments via Gravatar.

You email Matt Eliason a set of images for the designer to work from and then select the type of image that you’d like designing. I wanted one that included a prop, specifically one holding a drink, typical of many networking pictures and wanted it to represent my ‘Cheeky Theaky’ style.

Matt is the International Coordinator and then emails back with further questions. I received these the next day because of the time zones. He asked what kind of clothes I wanted to be wearing and my suggestion of a cardigan got laughed away.

On May 7th I submitted my original photos and provided a link to my facebook profile in case more were required.

On May 13th I received a black and white outlined draft of how it would look, designed by Brian. I was then able to suggest changes but I was happy as it was after reviewing it with my house mate.

One week after the inital brief, on May 15th, I received two colour caricatures. One containing the full body shot with prop. The other image was a close up of the head.

As soon as I posted it as my Facebook profile pic, one close friend commented:

that pic is a double of you cheeky, fookin awesome!!!

What better testimonial can you get?

Two Dozen Ponies from Cheltenham

Bookies aren’t the only people to make some nice money at top sporting events. I sensed that I could make some pocket money if I kept on top of the increased bookmakers online offers during the Cheltenham Festival.

I refreshed their content each day with all the latest bonus codes and I even created a bespoke page for the four-day event.

Cheltenham Festival

Was the effort worth it? Too right! I made 600 in commission and that is a huge turnaround to the 15 I made last Grand National Day.

Some notes on the gambling side of things:

Whilst I didn’t manage to convert for Sky Bet, the daily emails from the new Affiliate Hub were very useful and Jo from stream:20 was able to provide bespoke creatives immediately.

It has taken me 15 sign-ups to get into positive equity with Coral Rev Share via the Brand Conversions network.

I’ve a few gamblers betting over 2,000 a time at Coral Casino but without these the commission would be stuck in the negative. I would have made 75 commission if promoting via Affiliate Window but I am interested to see how much I can make via this residual income.

Last month I queried why I didn’t receive a Jackpotjoy revenue share payment on the usual date of the 26th. It transpires that I “had a substantial winner”.

This meant that the net revenue I generated was negative. Fortunately, Jackpotjoy don’t carry over negative, so I shall receive future payments.

To other gambling merchants, please add an 88×31 micro bar creative to your mix. You’ll then feature on the Grand National page.

Why Are Gardening Direct Violating My Commission?

“You need to chill out”, Elaine Forth said to me on Saturday. I try but sometimes you just have to blow your top.

I am absolutely incensed to find that the affiliate manager of Gardening Direct have declined ALL my sales made during March.

Hovering over the red icon in the Affiliate Window interface shows ‘Violation of programme terms‘.

So before I go off to check the terms, I check my site to make sure that all appears ok.

Yup, all is fine. Not only that. All is damn fine! The page is a converting masterpiece!

So, it’s not the page that is at fault, so I read the terms.

Well, as I DON’T DO ANY PPC, the only relevant terms for me are:
Affiliates MUST NOT use discount codes other than those posted on Affiliate Window‘.

OK, have I stepped into a trap? I’m advertising a code that is advertised on the banner. I best check the Affiliate Window discount code section.

Nope, the code is there. I’m fine again.

Genenieve, Affiliate Window, or whoever is responsible for managing this program. Please do me a favour and spell out why the terms have been violated, so I don’t waste a moments more time on any associated brands.

Have any other affiliates experienced the same?

Meanwhile, “Ray chill”.

Affiliate Window Rate Shop Codes

ShopCodes has been featured and reviewed in a new feature of Affiliate Window’s merchant newsletter that is distributed to over 600 shops and services.

In the 1st April edition, the newsletter introduces two affiliates to their merchants; includes technical tips; advice on how to build an affiliate friendly site and has a focus on the fashion sector.

The site review covers 4 areas and gives a total score out of 100. ShopCodes scores a respectable 74.

  • Content 11/25
  • Functionality 21/25
  • Originality 22/25
  • Creativity 20/25
  • Total 74/100

The review notes that the site is well established in the UK (it launched February 2006) and that it focuses on end user offers, particularly promotional codes.

It highlights that the site is user friendly by not hiding codes, a topical subject at the moment as 2 other affiliates are now considering to do so.

The site is very user friendly as all the codes are clearly visible without any ‘click for code’ buttons that hide content and force new windows to open making the site more streamlined for the end user.

One of the lowest scores was for content, reflected as “basic and to the point”.

Content is an area I’ve been working on late into the night throughout April and by adding more non-code content to my pages, SEO traffic has increased by 400%.

The review highlights that I have the domain waiting in the wings and that this domain “should establish Shopcodes as a key player in the UK market.”

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