Befuddle backs the best in a4uawards

My votes are in for the a4uAwards 2009. I think my relationships with networks has changed a lot over the past 12 months, particularly as I operate in a sector that is always under the microscope.

Some agencies, networks and individuals are going out of their way to work closely with me and ShopCodes and these are reflected in my votes below. There are others who I easily could have picked but likewise there are some who I’ve lost respect for.

Publisher’s Choice Of Network 2009


The first network I log into each day. Always improving their already fantastic interface with very proactive and friendly communicative staff.

Publisher’s Choice Of Account Manager 2009

Jess Nathan of dgm

Jess really pushes me to promote dgm programmes on a network that I typically ignore and she goes out of her way to help when there’s technical issues.

Publisher’s Choice Of Affiliate Manager 2009

Jim Kinloch of Signature Gifts

Pro-active in awarding Exclusive codes across the brands with good seasonal promotions. Generous with incentives.

Affiliate Management Agency of 2009

Existem AM

Proactive in delivering voucher codes, best sellers and seasonal offers for all their merchants. Most importantly they are the most approachable and best communicators.

Affiliate Marketing Blog Of 2009
Existem AM @

Hugely resourceful blog for all their merchants containing voucher codes, content units, best sellers and promotions. I get the content pushed straight to my inbox via affiliates4u.

Commission Made Easy

I’ve recorded my first sale that’s been made via an Easy Content Unit placed on my Shop Codes site.

A potential ink buyer ignored all my useful, relevant and valid content before their eye settled on the easily intregrated unit that compares prices of related products or brands.

They went on to spend a healthy 71 via the Epson Ink unit pictured below.


Now that I’m currently not adding any new codes to the site this week – just removing all expired content - these content units may become more integrated.

I’d much rather have these at the foot of pages displaying relevant content to divert users than Adsense.

The design could be improved but the stats say it’s already doing it’s job. The product bought was from Viking and this unit was on the Viking Direct page and so it maybe reinforced that they offer better prices.

Meanwhile, Existem AM have designed and created a stack of units you can use for their merchants. Just grab the code from their blog and replace the id once you’ve signed up at ECU.

Code Sites Deliver Valued New Business

In the first week of December, content affiliates of JD Williams will be able to see how many sales and how much commission they are losing to Pay-Per-Click marketing.

JD Williams has recently relaunched on the dgmPro network and all sales that bring in new customers will be rewarded with a potential 8 commission, no matter the value of the sale. This initially tracks as 4.

If the sale is for an existing customer the affiliate receives 1%. However, considering that JD Williams pulled out of the affiliate marketing area earlier this year this is still good news, especially as they’re back before Christmas, with a clear remit to attract new users.

If the affiliate generates a new customer sale though and the customer later goes off to Google and clicks a JD Williams pay-per-click advert, then they’ll not get paid the full 8 commission but the original 4.

I can already see that I have signed up over a dozen first time customers by promoting the selection of JD Williams Incentive Codes. This is from a total of 48 sales. Not bad, one in every four of my referred customers is brand new. That’s good business. In fact considering I’m having a poor month, I’m very impressed that I’ve generated almost 50 sales for just one merchant.

See voucher codes do generate incremental new business. Just ask Alpharooms Affiliate Manager Dan Morley.

“Things actually look good in favour of voucher sites. Sales coming in, using the vouchers are mostly new customers.”

What will be interesting to see is what proportion of those sales turn into the golden nugget of 8. It may paint a general picture of how content and code sites are losing commission to pay-per-click brand bidders. We shall see.

So You’re Telling Me This Isn’t Content?

Ok, we have the EXCLUSIVE code. We have the product. We have the deeplink. The blurb. The price. The expiry date.

We have an image of the product.

We have instructions on how to use the code. We even have a screen grab of the checkout process highlighting how a code is used.

6 Off the Slanket

So you’re telling me this isn’t content?

It’s all content in my eyes and it happens to be on a damn good domain too. It happens to be a site called Shop Codes and so primarily it promotes Shop Codes.

Some affiliates out there don’t like sites that promote shop codes but I tell you one thing customers love these sites and what they provide. As a site owner that promotes save 6 here on a Christmas present, I’m capitalising in on those savvy shoppers who want to save a few pounds here and there.

Once I’ve gone through all September’s expired codes and added all the new ones for October, I’ll add even more codes and content and screengrabs and banners and drive more sales, whilst others watch on.

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