The Sun, Saturday, February 19, 2000. Page 11.

“RAY Theakston, 25, of Leeds, has launched a web-site devoted to boozy tales at www.befuddle.co.uk”

The Sun newspaper clipping

This blog recalls the confusing and interesting developments of the websites run, technologies used and people known by Raymond Theakston and subsequently Befuddle Limited.

Websites include the drunk celebrity picture site Befuddle that attracts 3,000 unique visitors each day despite never getting updated and Shop Codes that pays for his vices and holidays abroad each year.

Technologies include the latest free CMS tools such as WordPress and the hundreds of mobile devices he enthusiastically surrounds himself with.

As for People, he’s got over 500 friends on Facebook and says he knows most of them.

Before you move on. Did you know that chocolate is good for the heart? Oh and Ray is now 34.