Not another voucher code site for sale?

Prior to the London a4uexpo there was a lot of talk of it being a too expensive event to attend.  It appeared that many affiliates would be priced out of attending once the cost of a ticket, hotel and transport costs were factored in.

Even before I got to London I’d invested £900 in attending, with my half price affiliate ticket, 3-night stay at the Ramada hotel and first class train tickets.

I also had to take time off as holiday and so with working part-time it meant being away from the office for a week.

Whilst it is expensive, my business has grew year on year as a direct result of this networking. Meeting network account managers, agencies, merchants and competitor affiliates, sometimes for the first time, brings plenty of new opportunities and ideas.

I’ve previously blogged of how a chance ten minute conversation with a gambling site paid for my trip to a4uexpo Amsterdam 15 times over. I am still today benefitting from that meeting.

The twenty minute meeting I had in London with a Texan could drawf that.

He represented a US  company with over $30m of funding, with the purpose of acquiring profitable voucher code sites.

I’ve got to sit up and listen. This year Kieron sold his discount site, Pete Anderson wanted £171k for his and more recently a discount voucher domain was purchased by an affiliate to protect his brand for £100k.

I had a very detailed honest chat about my site, how I operate and my current turnover and traffic.

Whether I sell during 2011, 2012, or next week, I’d be looking at four times my annual profit.

Would someone pay £500,000? Could be an interesting journey to find out.

I’ve already purchased my a4uexpo Munich ticket for June 2011. Maybe some affiliates could speak on the practicalities of selling a website.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    interesting post. Spendless ended up selling after we caught up in Munich. Ive been meaning to blog about the experience for ages but never seem to find the time. Send me a mail if you want to chat about it.


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