Time to replace your affiliates4u buttons

Now that affiliates4u, the hub of performance marketing, has had a long overdue redesign it is time to remove the “Back Me” buttons and messages from your affiliate blogs and replace them with the new buttons available at www.affiliates4u.com/buttons/

I’ve plugged mine in as seen here:

affiliates4u button

There’s a choice of black or white and subtle and bold and you’ll need to select one as your old button will link to a “Sorry, we couldn’t find that.  We’re not sure what you were looking for” page.

Clicking the new buttons will take you to a submit page to the new ‘The Pool’.  Here you specify a title and summary and it’s worth expanding on the 250 character limit summary as this is what will prompt people to read and potentially vote for your content.

In the new system you can’t see which supporters you have for your content, the voting is all anonymous, which takes away part of the appeal and fun of it. But it does mean you can “slap” a post and hide.

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