ShopCodes on the Big Screen

I turned down the chance to watch Boro’s biggest game of the season as some friends from affiliate marketing, SEO and the blogging community spent the weekend in Leeds for the third Think Visibility.

It was an opportunity to catch up with late night Vegas friends @ChrisClarkson, @KieronDonoghue and @BonyToad on my doorstep whilst also welcoming @ClarkeDuncan and his mate @ukstripclubs to sample the delights of Leeds.

It was again hosted in my local, Alea Casino, which is a great choice of location, particularly for the early Saturday morning start, which unsurprisingly I still missed.

I didn’t get to see all the talks, as the Peroni and chat was flowing at the Royal Armouries square but I did get to see my voucher code site on the Alea cinema screen.

ShopCodes on the Alea cinema screen with the Think Visibility SimpleUsability results

ShopCodes on the Alea cinema screen with the Think Visibility SimpleUsability results

Thanks to @SimpleUsability for dragging people off the street to use my “very busy” site.  It was insightful to see how the users actually interacted and copied the voucher code and which links they clicked.

There were a few surprises and so I’ll be re-installing Crazy Egg, as there’s 7 Things Affiliates Can Learn From Heatmaps, writes @GetVisible.

At the end of the evening I signed up to a No-Limit poker tournament. I finished in the money but it was no compensation for my disastrous blackjack play earlier in the afternoon. Plus poker is a very long game, too long, when you’re missing out on a free bar and VIP entry to a local strip club!

Chip stack when 2 tables remaining

Chip stack when 2 tables remaining

I’ve been to all three Think Viz’s and it was good to see people venture to and have a great time in Leeds.

Well done to @TheHodge and to all these people for another great conference and if you’re able to handle 5am finishes, then see you in September for the next DrinkVisibility.

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4 Responses to “ShopCodes on the Big Screen”

  1. Cheers for the mention Raymondo!

    I’ll try and make the next one. Just Mother’s Day and Easter work got in the way.

    Will you blog your learnings from CrazyEgg?

    Ps when’s the next affiliate poker gig?

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  3. Affiliate poker, up for that. That’s normally sorted by They still around? Or maybe have an online tourney

  4. Good to catch up Ray, great night on Friday followed by a great night on Saturday! Whens the next seo conference (exucse for alot of beers!)

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