Scratch2Cash Affiliate Program – An Itch to Write Off!

Scratch2Cash are an itch I have the pleasure of no longer doing business with. I received an email at the weekend from their Market Budget Analyst to invoice them for any money they owe me from 2009 for their accountants.

Knowing that I’d referred a $3,500 paying customer I logged into the NeoGames Partners account to check on my total commission. The Scratch2Cash email included the caveat:

If the amount is less than 100 EUR, we are not obligated to pay, as disclosed on the affiliate agreement listed on the website. Any amount under the “Minimum Amount” (100 EUR) will be written off.

I’ve never read anything so ridiculous. Now I owe lots of companies less than 100 Euros and I just can’t write that off.

“Fitness First, you know that 38.75 you want off me for the couple of times I enter your gym, well I’m writing that off!”

“British Telecom, you know that 39.47 I owe you just to have a landline, well I’m writing that off!”

When I questioned this via email , they replied that they were closing my account.

Since you unfortunately were not able to bring us 100 or more of traffic, we will close your account.

Imagine if a reputable affiliate network chose not to pay you because you’d only made one sale – but not only that, not give you the opportunity to make more sales so that you could reach their self imposed payment tier?

Affiliates, you have been warned. I’d write-off the Scratch2Cash affiliate program today.

Still have that itch? Don’t Apply Now!

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6 Responses to “Scratch2Cash Affiliate Program – An Itch to Write Off!”

  1. It’s not right at all! It’s amazing how advertisers persist in treating affiliates in a way that they wouldn’t others.

    Can be a massive money maker for companies if they don’t pay up people who hit the minimum payment amount. One of the biggest affiliate networks has made over 1.8 million over the years with all the affiliates who never reached their (low) minimum payment threshold.

  2. Nice post Ray

    It never ceases to amaze me what shoddy respect us “grubby affiliates” are treated with for taking all the risk with often little reward.

    I actually sent a lot of traffic to the above mentioned merchant last year (made a lot of commission) but when they recently decided to cut my commission by 50% without prior warning/discussion they got ditched and replaced by a merchant who appreciates me more (for the time being!).

    Is there any other other industry where companies can move the goal posts whenever it suits them without any concern for their reputation or contractual obligations?

  3. NeoGames have replied: “In regards to the affiliates that have earned less than 100 euro, management is re-evaluating the payment policy.”

  4. I’ve just had a flood of emails – they’ve got a new game out apparently. Just did a google to see who they used to be with – as the name rings a bell.

  5. Hmm.. that’s interesting… There is another good one very
    similar to it.. it’s called (the affiliate program
    is (yes i work there, i hope you want consider
    this as spam.) if you want a good deal ask for Eli. 🙂

  6. We just got a request to run traffic for Netopartners.. thank god I found this. They wanted to run without prepay, and when we asked for credit references or credit card or anything for terms approval, they said “we don’t give that, can’t you just run us?” .. Running away. Thank you for this Blog Post!

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