Time to lose the comfort blanket?

It’s that time of year where you do your reflecting on what you could have done previously and what you should be doing more of in the coming months. I’ve been reflecting and thinking every single day this year.

2009 has been a good year for my site ShopCodes, such that my accountant said to me before Christmas, “You need to lose your comfort blanket”. He was referring to my full time day-job.

To put it into context the turnover and profit, since Halloween passed by and the gift shoppers arrived, is exactly the same as what I earn as salary in my well paid day job.

For my business over 91% of my turnover is profit as I don’t withdraw a salary as a Director and the 9% goes on Internet and networking costs.

And with not withdrawing even much as numberswiki.com

dividends from the business, there’s enough in the rainy day pot for my accountant to say, “you can pay yourself a substantial salary for at least four years”.

And what if the business starts to suffer from more competition or other threats? “Start looking for work after two years”.

During early 2010 it’s all change in my full time job. Change of boss, job title and location. The office we’re moving to is on the same street I currently live. I’ve a fear that I’ll get cabin fever working, living (also exercising, drinking and gambling) in the same place.

But that’s also now the fear I have if I decide to leave my ‘comfort blanket’. I’ve never liked change and previously it was about financial security. Now, it’s about cabin fever.

So there’ll be more reflecting from me for a few months yet.

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14 Responses to “Time to lose the comfort blanket?”

  1. Ray, Ray, Ray listen to your accountant and forget the worry of Cabin Fever – you live in Leeds, there’s plenty of opportunities to socialize – with or without t’other affiliates – or, you could move back home!!! Should imagine you’d get a nice place and you might be more comfortable back in your own environment (not being funny, but I’ve always regretted leaving Leeds and my family) – so I’d say it’s a no-brainer – give me a call if you want to chat about it.
    Have a HAPPY New Year

  2. Great post.
    As an experienced developer new to AM this is the position I am working hard to be in within the next 2 years.

    Good luck and I would say go for it…I would.


  3. My life philosophy ‘regret what you did, not what you didn’t do’

    i.e regret leaving your job, rather than look back and think, i wish i had left it

  4. Nice dilemma to have.

    Can’t you find another way ? – go part time at work or take a pay cut and have more holiday weeks ?

  5. I left my day job the second I realised I was making money from AM, most of the commissions were still ‘pending’. It was a gamble, but it paid off. Not only did that give me the time to build on my new found income, it also gave me incentive to work harder.

    I now work probably 3 times more hours a week than I did as an employee, but I’m 10 times happier and 20 times more financially secure.

    Take the plunge, it’ll be the best decision you ever made mate.

  6. Mate, wait to see how much we spend in Vegas in a couple of weeks. That 4 year nestegg may be severely reduced! 😉

    Seriously mate, just go for it, who wants to work for anyone else anyway? I know when we’ve spoke about this in person you have told me you have got possibly the best job in the world with very little in the way of stress. However if this changes when the new regime kicks in then just leave. No better feeling when you hand your notice in to run your own business.

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  8. I see where Ray is coming from. I am in same decision, apart from earning not much, I do make a couple of quid and for what ever reason it can dry up instantly., of course Ray has many shop codes/sites etc so his income comes from multiple streams.

    In my case I know tomorrow it could all end, so its hard to ditch the day job.

    Saying that it will be the best thing you will ever do, i know that in my case, but untill I have multiple streams I know I cannot do it.


  9. HNY Ray, we’ve been chatting about this for years now at every get together.
    I agree with Kieron, wait and see how the new regime pans out and take it from there. There are not many well paid stress free jobs any more so as Rob said, it’s a nice dilemma to have.
    OTOH I agree with Max, carpe diem, and all that.

  10. Happy new year Ray…

    If you enjoy your day job, why give it up? When I gave up my day job it was because I absolutely detested it and not because I felt I needed to spend more time at home infront of the PC developing. Maybe as Rob said you could just cut your hours down.

    Either way its nice to hear your in a position to have that choice. Maybe you could quit your job and take up some voluntary work to get you out the ‘cabin’?



  11. I second what K says. Just wait until after Vegas first…. you may need a 3rd job 😉

    TBH, I dont understand why you havent withdrawn dividends at a regular basis and re-invested elsewhere. Every now and then I am in the same boat, but while I can continue to do both fulltime and affiliate sites, I’ll continue. My fulltime roll doesn’t hold my affiliate business back, and I know if I had more time, I’d simply spending more time time playing around and not developing my business.

    I would also seriously think about what %age of money is brough in by ShopCodes. Search Engines can spank you easily and if you rely on a sole site bringing in a big chunk then although you may have a nice balance in the bank, it may not last forever.

    Make the most of what you have now whichever way you decide.

  12. give it a go, you’re in such a strong position, if you’re not really ‘feeling-it’ with your day job, you should go for it. i get the impression you got into affiliate marketing for financial reasons…to make more money, i’m guessing the root cause behind that was to get out of the rat race. It makes sense then that you’re now in the position to get out of the rat race so you might as well go for it. I know its easy to cheer on from the side lines, but if i was in your position, i’d do it in a heart beat, i’m not earning anywhere near as much as you (as an affiliate) and I’m already looking into whether i can go full time, i think that says it all really, you’re missing an opportunity while the industry is still not at its fullest, to really establish yourself. It’ll only get harder for you to leave the ‘comfort blanket’ if you let it wait.

  13. Hi Ray, came across your blog via Twitter, but what is bizarre is 1) I’m from Leeds too and 2) I am having the same dilemma about giving up the day job!

    All the best for 2010!

  14. Hey Ray

    Any update what did you do?

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