Video Highlights Google Love

It may not get me extra traffic or indeed more commission but it does make my results stand out from yours.

If you search for “argos voucher codes” or some other combination like “argos promotion code” within Google, my ShopCodes Argos page is either bottom of page one or mid page two but what is striking is that the search engine has chosen to display an Argos video clip more info

integrated into my results listing.

Argos Video on Shop Codes

So even on page two, it stands out from the crowd. And if the result were say fourth on page one, those below would probably get ignored as your eye is drawn towards the image.

So merchants start making those videos available as I’ve a feeling a few more affiliates shall take my lead and display them.

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2 Responses to “Video Highlights Google Love”

  1. interesting idea ray!

    do you reckon google only feature youtube videos in the search results (would make sense as they own them)?

    I use some merchants own video units on my experience day sites but have never got a result like that one…

  2. I don’t know what the magic formula is Peter for why some clips display and why some sites are selected over others.

    The Argos video clip isn’t from YouTube but was made available to me from Argos via the network.

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