Cheeky Theaky Caricature Awesome

My life is often as entertaining and surreal as a comic strip, so it was only a matter of time I became a cartoon.

Having been impressed with the caricatures of others in the affiliate marketing industry including A4uawards Blog of the Year Award nominee John Lamerton and (slim looking) Kieron Donoghue at the new Affiliate Doctors site, I set about to get a shiny version of my own.

I started by contacting Web Design Ireland and designer Keith quickly pointed me in the right direction of Caricature King.

It is really easy to order a cartoon version of yourself there. You first pick one of the seven designers to do your version. It is helpful to browse each of their portfolios to get a design that suits your needs.

Mine was to have a recognisable image that I can use in this blog and as an icon across all different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Affiliates4u and for blog comments via Gravatar.

You email Matt Eliason a set of images for the designer to work from and then select the type of image that you’d like designing. I wanted one that included a prop, specifically one holding a drink, typical of many networking pictures and wanted it to represent my ‘Cheeky Theaky’ style.

Matt is the International Coordinator and then emails back with further questions. I received these the next day because of the time zones. He asked what kind of clothes I wanted to be wearing and my suggestion of a cardigan got laughed away.

On May 7th I submitted my original photos and provided a link to my facebook profile in case more were required.

On May 13th I received a black and white outlined draft of how it would look, designed by Brian. I was then able to suggest changes but I was happy as it was after reviewing it with my house mate.

One week after the inital brief, on May 15th, I received two colour caricatures. One containing the full body shot with prop. The other image was a close up of the head.

As soon as I posted it as my Facebook profile pic, one close friend commented:

that pic is a double of you cheeky, fookin awesome!!!

What better testimonial can you get?

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5 Responses to “Cheeky Theaky Caricature Awesome”

  1. Nice new caricature. I think that caricatures really help to build brand.


  2. Thanks for the great writeup! I look forward to seeing the head shot version rolled out on all your social media profiles.

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  4. Hi Ray, great pic, I had one done too! Its a great likeness, just need more of a tan added now with all the holidays you’ve had this year! cheers Mally

  5. I want to sell my caricatures can I through you let me know


    Helena Monis

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