Why Are Gardening Direct Violating My Commission?

“You need to chill out”, Elaine Forth said to me on Saturday. I try but sometimes you just have to blow your top.

I am absolutely incensed to find that the affiliate manager of Gardening Direct have declined ALL my sales made during March.

Hovering over the red icon in the Affiliate Window interface shows ‘Violation of programme terms‘.

So before I go off to check the terms, I check my site to make sure that all appears ok.

Yup, all is fine. Not only that. All is damn fine! The page is a converting masterpiece!

So, it’s not the page that is at fault, so I read the terms.

Well, as I DON’T DO ANY PPC, the only relevant terms for me are:
Affiliates MUST NOT use discount codes other than those posted on Affiliate Window‘.

OK, have I stepped into a trap? I’m advertising a code that is advertised on the banner. I best check the Affiliate Window discount code section.

Nope, the code is there. I’m fine again.

Genenieve, Affiliate Window, or whoever is responsible for managing this program. Please do me a favour and spell out why the terms have been violated, so I don’t waste a moments more time on any associated brands.

Have any other affiliates experienced the same?

Meanwhile, “Ray chill”.

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6 Responses to “Why Are Gardening Direct Violating My Commission?”

  1. That’s a bit of a baffler that one. Surely if the code is in the system then there can be no probs about it?

  2. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are now in the process of speaking to the management agency involved in the Gardening Direct programme, with the aim of getting to the bottom of this ASAP.

    I’ll come back to you as soon as I have an update,


    Samantha Leigh
    Head of Communications

  3. Would be interested in a follow up on this Ray.

    First reaction it seems like yet another merchant / programme manager jumping on the bandwagon to penalise code site owners.

  4. Any update on this yet Ray?

    Have the commissions been re-applied to your account?

  5. No, the commissions haven’t been reapplied but I’ve had two sales since this post and they have been confirmed, which is a positive.
    The agency did get in touch with me via email to say that in all the cases of the declined sales a voucher code that was not advertised on my site was used.
    I did a Google search for the codes highlighted and found no sites promoting them, so I speculate that they were published offline.
    I don’t know what those codes were for though, so maybe they went searching for a better one, found my site and still used the original?

  6. I could understand them refusing commission if the code was published on your site, but how can they decline commissions when you have done nothing wrong.

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