Think Visibility Stripped Bare

It’s been a bizarre month for me. For starters I was one of the first to turn up for a conference … at 8:30am! … on a Saturday! … sober!

I later made amends and got back to Befuddle ways and was later pictured with a lovely friendly lady at a local Leeds establishment.


Anyway, at the ThinkVisibility conference there was a mixture of affiliate marketeers and ‘geeks‘, including organiser The Hodge.

Names you may recognise from the A4u site or networking include Kieron, ‘Elaine and Dave’ and Chris Clarkson.

Kieron presented the last talk of the day and showed some very interesting slides on how he made just a small part of his money during 2008.


I made some bulleted notes along the way on my phone.

  1. mobile
  2. blog
  3. cpm geo target
  4. email & rss
  5. outsource
  6. buyitnow x2 conv
  7. build trust (ie expired codes)
  8. reply to all emails
  9. don’t upset Dave Naylor
  10. always check backlinks
  11. subdomains for serps
  12. sales
  13. ‘chill’ elaine

I’ve been working on some of them since. The “You need to chill out more,” comment from Elaine is currently difficult at the present time, so I am channeling my energy by 2) updating my blog more and 7) building trust by spring cleaning my site and removing expired content. Although this does go against 12) sales where Kieron demonstrated some good examples of making money with older content.

There will be another Think Visibility event in Leeds in September and it will sell out and it will be a late night both before and afterwards … if you follow me at least.

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4 Responses to “Think Visibility Stripped Bare”

  1. looking slim there dude!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Lee. That’s what Dave was saying all that day too to the rest of the crowd, so the gym and curry diet is clearly working :)

  3. not one bloody link to me!

  4. Dom, you are now the ‘geeks’ :)