Milestone Reached. Now Off to Pub!

Two weeks ago I reported that I ‘reached a significant financial milestone.’

Well, after spending some money and allowing two weeks to pass, I’ve now got the joy of reaching that milestone again! How good is that?

Please don’t sue me. I’ve got a nice Friday glow and the sun is shining. Enjoy your weekend! I certainly will be after a horrible four days.

Thanks for Kirsty for interviewing me a month ago. You can read the full piece here and some related Twitter responses are below.

KeithBond @befuddle first time i’ve heard Leeds Building Society called a significant financial milestone, well done though, now you can walk to work

BFG9000 @befuddle celebrate with loads of beer & a trip to the casino – then when you wake up try to get back to that same milestone

swifty7 @befuddle pat yourself on the back, and head for the next milestone!

loquax @befuddle go and spend your 5 on sweets? ;o) LOL

venturian @befuddle spend it!

Ok then, you’ve twisted my arm! I shall.

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