Big Issue over Small Creative

One Publisher Manager appears to have threatened to kick me off a program for using a network creative to link direct to a merchants site.

When you login to a network site and list your programs, there’s generally a link called “Creatives”. This is full of wonderful imagery in a range of sizes. I particularly use 468×60; 120×600 and 88×31.

From the network page you are able to select the design and size you want and they kindly provide some HTML code to emded into your own site.

When the creative is on your site, users can then click the images and go to the intended site as advertised on the creative.

Simple isn’t it?

Well not quite. Said PB says to ‘secure my place on the program’, which is definitely a threat that I have in writing, that I need to remove the link to the merchant from the creative.

Instead PB wants the 88×31 creative to link to a page on my site. So why should I treat this merchant any differently to the 900 on my site? Why haven’t other networks pulled all their creative code and removed all links direct to merchants?

Did I do as PB threatened, I mean requested. No, I removed the creative completely.

Cost to me annually for taking this stand – and being removed from the program – 185.

If you’re as Befuddled as me by this, then feel free to comment.

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3 Responses to “Big Issue over Small Creative”

  1. I’ve had this in the past, however I understood where the merchant was coming from. The banner mentioned a discount, however with the IAB etc, when someone clicked on the banner, people were sent to the site, before any mention of the T&Cs of the discount.

    So to keep all of those people happy who continually whinge about cookie stuffing, I had to point them to another page on my site, that gave all the T&Cs of the discount.

    Not sure if your scenario is the same mate?

  2. I don’t know about all the ins and outs of this case, but as a rule of thumb, as long as an affiliate is not using any unauthorised creative, then they should be allowed to use whichever banner size they like on their websites.

    It’s a pity affiliates keep getting messed around by a small number of advertisers. These companies are only willing to pay affiliates on a (generally measily) commission basis, yet demand the same control as they would with their salaried employees.

    I admire you for taking your stance.

  3. Hi Ray,

    If the only cost to you is 185 per year , it may be time to take a stand and sack the merchant.

    Nice little post like sir Alan Sugar

    ????- Your fired,

    you lose 185 but they probably lose a lot more of affiliates and sales.


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