ShopCodes Too Successful for Some

ShopCodes has been hit hard in the busiest shopping month of the year with some merchants not happy that I’ve actually been delivering strong sales for them.

Feel Unique, my 3rd most popular merchant on the Webgains network, are the latest merchant to pull a popular 5% Exclusive code.

This follows Flowers Direct, my 3rd most popular merchant on Affiliate Window, pulling the 10% Exclusive code that was so popular people actively searched for the code word.

If merchants can’t afford to offer codes and pay an affiliate commission then don’t offer codes. If paying out 12.5% per sale, 5% code and 7.5% commission is untenable then make it tenable from the start. Change the code to ‘5 Off 30’ spend and offer 5% commission.

The Feel Unique case though is in itself unique as not all affiliates are having Exclusive codes removed.

It appears that because ShopCodes ranks highly in the Google organic search engines, I have to go as it is “their own customers” and brand-aware customers that are utilising the code.

That is true (see below) – but that is exactly what I optimise the pages for.

ShopCodes traffic is on the up and sales for the above merchants and more is on the up. This is the first signs that if you rank well in Google then merchants are going to get shifty and start to think about why they are paying out to you.

For me, it is a simple fact. If I don’t rank well in Google then I don’t generate enough sales to make decent commission. If all merchants were to go down the above route though then I’d have to un-optimise my pages and make them spammy in Google. My pages are the way they are to improve visitor numbers and improve click-through-rates. This is obviously too much for some.

With merchants making it even harder to make commissions (ala Figleaves) no wonder affiliates have to think outside of the box and utilise methods such as ‘click-to-reveal’ to at least have the potential to earn something. A practice I don’t do, so even though people have landed on my pages, it is of their own hands that they’ve clicked through to the merchant for the reward of a 5% discount.

Feel Unique bluntly said ‘this is not negotiable’. I’m not negotiating with anybody. You’re removed from ShopCodes and the simple fact is another merchant will become my 3rd top merchant.

Keyword searches that included ‘unique’:

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  • feel unique voucher
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Feel Unique potential customers wanted voucher codes and they found them on a site that plays within the rules. How much would the merchant have paid out if another site was in my place with ‘click-to-reveal’ functionality. If anything I’ve probably saved them money.

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