DEO become DOA

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1 Response to “DEO become DOA”

  1. Dear Affiliate sorry for the delay in responding but i have only been made aware of this post but a few minutes ago.

    Firstly I would like to apologise about the delay in the voucher codes being posted to the majority of the affiliate network but we did had a few difficulties in making them work in the final testing phase therefore it resulted in a minor delay in publishing them to the affiliates which had requested them.

    With regards to the newsletter, as we were new to AW we were not entirely sure on how to publish them codes to the affiliates but I have just spoken to our Account manager and she has made me aware of how to upload them and hopefully if you check again you will find that the codes are now showing.

    I do apologies if we have caused you any trouble but unfortunately as we have only very recently began using AW we did have some minor teething problems with regards to admin which have now been resolved and thankfully we are receiving a lot of good feedback from all of our affiliates with regards to conversion and service levels.

    As always if you do have any questions or issues with the Affiliate program which we run please donít hesitate to contact me on as I am always looking to speak with affiliates to ensure I am doing as much as possible to make it as easy as possible for you.

    Thank you
    Amar Takhar