Code Sites Deliver Valued New Business

In the first week of December, content affiliates of JD Williams will be able to see how many sales and how much commission they are losing to Pay-Per-Click marketing.

JD Williams has recently relaunched on the dgmPro network and all sales that bring in new customers will be rewarded with a potential 8 commission, no matter the value of the sale. This initially tracks as 4.

If the sale is for an existing customer the affiliate receives 1%. However, considering that JD Williams pulled out of the affiliate marketing area earlier this year this is still good news, especially as they’re back before Christmas, with a clear remit to attract new users.

If the affiliate generates a new customer sale though and the customer later goes off to Google and clicks a JD Williams pay-per-click advert, then they’ll not get paid the full 8 commission but the original 4.

I can already see that I have signed up over a dozen first time customers by promoting the selection of JD Williams Incentive Codes. This is from a total of 48 sales. Not bad, one in every four of my referred customers is brand new. That’s good business. In fact considering I’m having a poor month, I’m very impressed that I’ve generated almost 50 sales for just one merchant.

See voucher codes do generate incremental new business. Just ask Alpharooms Affiliate Manager Dan Morley.

“Things actually look good in favour of voucher sites. Sales coming in, using the vouchers are mostly new customers.”

What will be interesting to see is what proportion of those sales turn into the golden nugget of 8. It may paint a general picture of how content and code sites are losing commission to pay-per-click brand bidders. We shall see.

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1 Response to “Code Sites Deliver Valued New Business”

  1. Hi

    Just read the entry here and spot on! We are delighted to have relaunched the program and, with increased MI available etc, we are in a great position to model the program on the remit we have – which focuses on new customers.

    We will be using more voucher codes going forward and it just shows that, by using good offers and vouchers, we can help different affiliate saites deliver more new customers.


    Dominic Smith
    E Business development manager