A4uExpo Already? I’m Still Dealing with CAP

Before I can even pack my bags for 3 nights of drinking until 4:30am each morning I have to clear them of stuff I collected from CAP Euro in Barcelona 2 weeks back.

I hadn’t even stepped out of the lift when I’d collected my first business card and within 10 minutes of arriving I had to head back to my room for more and to chill. Facing merchants before you’ve even had time for a well-needed coffee (after a night of networking) didn’t seem so wise.

I soon realised that the sensible affiliates roamed the stands after lunch, so I allowed myself a lie-in for day 2.

Aside from the following, I left Barcelona with 35 business cards and I’ve not gotten around to emailing any of the people I chatted to about my website.

  • 5 poker caps (1 with bottle opener)
  • 4 stress balls
  • 3 signed calendars
  • 3 large dice
  • 3 packs of cards
  • 3 bottle openers
  • 3 bags
  • 3 pens
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 2 USB
  • 2 shades
  • 1 business card case
  • 1 teddy bear

I didn’t have to email anyone. After a courtesy ‘we’ll give you a day to get back to the office’ the emails started flooding in and whilst I may not be a travel affiliate yet, I’m on my way to be a gaming one.

I’ve secured a few exclusive codes in this sector and a handful are live on ShopCodes for roulette and backgammon brands alongside the more traditional poker and bingo.

I’ve not even replied to all those who have emailed as dealing with gaming merchants can be quite a slow process. You have to play the 5 minute game of CPA or revshare, when all I care about is the content and creatives.

So when I get back from A4uExpo I’ll be keen to implement all the new SEO strategies I’ll be picking up. I think I’ve earmarked to attend all of the sessions.

I’ll then need to continue with my post-CAP strategy, get my October codes in order and then, just maybe, I can become a travel affiliate too.

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