Slanket Prezzy is a Plus

Many thanks to John from Prezzies Plus who is sending me a Slanket. The blanket with sleeves is a hit in America and is already selling out of pre-order stock.

John got in touch after recognising that a Slanket sale had been made using my Exclusive Prezzies Plus coupon code but that the sale hadn’t tracked via Affiliate Window.


I’ve created a little buzz about the slanket around the office and so a few colleagues have purchased one, as they’re ideal Christmas presents.

One of the developers has third party cookies disabled by default though and even though he accepted 2 when prompted, when clicking through via my site, the affiliate sale wasn’t registered.

So John kindly paid me a manual commission.

John has also kept me in the loop with their delivery and the latest is that the goods are already in the container on its way and the ship is due to dock 17th October.

There was to be an initial September air shipment but that has been cancelled.

By the time the container arrives, it is highly likely that all that stock will be sold out, so this item may not be able to keep up with demand to make it the number one Christmas present.

These are going to be huge and I’m not the only Slanket fan.

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  1. OOOOH me likies!!! Are you sure you need it and don’t wanna send it my way?

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