Dorothy Perkins – Not Last Referrer

A staggering one in every four of my legitimate ethical sales I make for Dorothy Perkins are declined. The reason stated is my site was ‘not last referrer’.

As my site doesn’t drop cookies for simply breathing the name, I can only assume that visitors have been at Dorothy Perkins checkout; searched for a Dorothy Perkins code in Google; spotted my site; then clicked on one of the promotional links that I’ve built for them; then they’ve gone back to Google and repeated the search process looking for a code.

That could make sense if I even ranked for ‘Dorothy Perkins voucher codes’ in Google.

Over the 8 months of this year I’ve listed 9 different promotions for Dorothy Perkins, including a 50% Summer Sale, 15% Exclusive voucher and a free gift promotion code and so on.

The page has been viewed 1,241 times by 995 unique visitors.

Those 995 visitors made a total of 83 purchases, spending over 4,500.

Of those 83 sales, 22 were declined. This represents one-third of my total declined sales made on the Affiliate Window network, where Dorothy presides.

22 declined sales equates to 99 worth of commission.

These figures put me off wanting to promote the merchant further. They are obviously doing something different than other merchants are. Maybe they are just more dilligent at checking last referrer stats.

Either way, I’d have rather have not made the sale in the first place if I wasn’t going to be paid for it.

22 other affiliates received that commission or maybe one other affiliate received 22 lots of commission for doing what I did but a little later.

Who knows? Does Dorothy?

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1 Response to “Dorothy Perkins – Not Last Referrer”

  1. wow 1 in 4. gulp.

    But Ray what I’m not clear on is why this data is being reported to you. If they’re not ‘your’ sales why are they being listed for you in the first place, only to be withdrawn?

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