Dear Kirsty … My Site is Sticky & Looking Up

Here’s an open letter to Kirsty, author of the influential affiliate $tuff blog. I’ve been busy of late on a site that is going to get more popular as winter approaches but the site isn’t currently set up with advertising. So I’m asking helpful Kirsty for a bit of advice on how to make a bit more pocket money.

Dear Kirsty,

I’ve just relaunched a site that was badly neglected. It regularly had thousands of visitors daily peaking at 125,000 and I didn’t think anything of it but only recently that figure dropped to a lowly 200.

I’ve removed all of the original content of the site and I have spent the first few weeks of August re-building up the pages based around my previous most popular keywords and images.

After it’s redesign launch four weeks ago, I’m now attracting 1,000-4,000 unique visitors daily looking at between 5,000-22,000 pages and this figure is climbing daily.

August Statistics approximate
I’m not quite sure of the traffic as Servage, Statcounter and Google Analytics are all giving me different results. This may be down to how I am presenting the content. The graph above displays the lowest figures of the three, so it’s looking promising.

Speaking of Google, they have been in touch to say that I can’t promote Google Adsense on the site. You see the content is a bit risque, as you’ll soon tell from my most popular pages:


I’m wondering how I can monetise the site. I don’t want to fill it with full adult porn adverts, so is there anything more subtle I could do?

I’m sure many merchants in the affiliate marketing space won’t want to be associated with a site that focuses on drunk celebrities and includes the odd not-safe-for-work image. The site has profited in the early days though from promoting the likes of Figleaves and JackpotJoy with traditional banners.

I’ve also spotted that a link from my Befuddle home page to an rss feed of my shopping site ShopCodes is ranking highly for some voucher code related keywords. So whilst that page was created as an experiment, I think the site has the potential to exploit the retail market.

Google certainly seems to like the influence of it’s status, being eight years old with a PR4 and it’s WordPress formatting.

My pages are being indexed within hours of posting. The quickest I’ve spotted is two hours between page creation and the page to be indexed by Google on page 1 and for someone to search for a celebrity and land on my site.

The site is on page 1 of Google for the following terms if not the #1 spot itself.

# drunk celebs
# drunk celebrities
# celebs
# uk celebs

Who or what can I promote? You’ll see there’s an advert on there for an adult dating site but that is merely a place holder as I want to see what click-throughs it receives. (At the time of writing, it’s got a CTR of 1.02%)

I also know I’ve got a worldwide audience. Visitors from 147 different countries have visited just recently and this is broken down as such …

The UK appears low at 8% but Analytics says the UK accounts for 33% of my traffic and the visitors spend an average of 4.5 minutes viewing content. They seem to stick around 🙂

All the best. Cheers,

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6 Responses to “Dear Kirsty … My Site is Sticky & Looking Up”

  1. Hi,

    I assume that the images you use on befuddle are not royality free and you did pay for them, so you should be careful.

  2. just posted this on kirstys blog

    “to me if you have pics of celebs then an ideal thing to advertise is the classic “buy the same dress or outfit that the celeb is wearing” a pic of the celeb wearing it with the advert of the retailer where u can buy it , check out motelrocks or boredofthehighstreet on paidonresults , as they have the celeb fashion section which will fit in well”

  3. “I think the site has the potential to exploit the retail market”

    Exploit is the right word- how about the celebs you are exploiting by trading off their names?

    Do you really honestly think that the traffic you are getting is going to convert into sales? IMO the only visitors you’ll have to what is a quite frankly sexist, demeaning website are voyeurs, with deep pockets and short arms.

  4. Hi Sean, the images are not mine but I don’t do a big land grab of copyrighted material. I’ve had a photographer get in touch with me to remove the images, then he said that a copyright notice and link to his site would be fine.
    I’ve seen the figures that Perez Hilton was getting sued for and I wouldn’t want to face even 1% of that trouble.
    News International got in touch with me in 2004 and I swiftly removed all images that may have been sourced from their media.
    So moving forward the site may include some syndicated content and may become more user generated.

  5. Hi Jude, I’m glad you’re passionate to post your views here. I do like to receive all sides of the arguments. I was once threatened by an ex-girlfriend about five years ago ‘Befuddle goes or I do’ so I know it’s not for all tastes.
    The site is blocked by many work proxies and it’s too risque for Adsense, so I know it’s crossed the line but not truly adult.
    The purpose of Befuddle is to create a very high traffic site that can be a bit of fun. It’s name is very generic for a niche subject so the potential to move into other areas is limitless.

  6. Hi Ray was wondering if I could email you offsite? or if you could email me – just had a few questions to ask you about site stuff. Hope that is ok! Great site btw.

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