You’re Such a Nice Funny Bunch

On a day when I’ve been asked to edit some comments from my blog I thought I’d highlight many of the nicer and funnier ones. This whole blog is a very much light hearted look at how I get by and I may have to get some Romanians on the case for a more personal redesign.

I’ve gone past the 100 subscriber milestone too, so thanks all for being entertained by the challenges and opportunities I face.

  • MAX “Great post. Brilliant how you’ve turned your money situation around”
  • KEV FORTH “Well done mate what a fantastic story”
  • GRAHAM KEEN “A great story, and one that can be an inspiration to many.”
  • DEBT FREE CHRISTIAN “Well done!”
  • BANKRUPTCY ADVICE “Terrific post”

What was the story? Well the clue is in the last two posters lol. It’s of my transformation of credit card junkie to fat bank balance.

£25k debt to £50k in the bank in 10 months

  • MAX “ha very funny blog post :) glad your free now”
  • PURPLE “I must admit I did laugh it was the way you told the story”
  • GRAHAM KEEN “A great story, and one that can be an inspiration to many.”
  • KIRSTY “Only in Ray world could this happen”
  • STEPHEN B “That was a great story, very comical vocabulary. I feel for you.”

What was the story? Well Kirsty is right. Only in Ray’s world would I get trapped in my own kitchen just days after my housemate jetted off on his world travels.

I didn’t want to die on Corona and fish fingers

  • PHIL “Perhaps it’s a good thing that when I bumped into you in Benidorm, I didn’t think you looked fat!”
  • BRAD “Well done, keep it up – thats the hard bit!”
  • KIER “I’m about 85 kilos too, but it’s pure muscle ;)
  • KEVIN “Try organic green tea, its the dogs, tatses like shi+e, but totally clears your system”

What was the story? Well it’s about my effort of losing 0.2kg a day in weight at the gym and that you can fit exercise around a full-time job and/or affiliate marketing.

Look after the lbs and the pennies will look after themselves

  • KIRSTYM “ooohhh…. yes, Monday was quite mega for me too”
  • MARK “I had my best ever day – roll on tremendous tuesday!”

What was the story? Well I recorded record sales on the first weekend of December and it appears that the joy of sales was shared.

‘Mega Monday’ was Mega!

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3 Responses to “You’re Such a Nice Funny Bunch”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Well done on the 100 subscribers – next stop 1000


  2. always look forward to reading your blog posts. always interest me
    keep them going 😀

  3. How about a follow-up post showing the other end of the blog comments, you know the ones .. ‘I love your blog, can we exchange links?’ .. oh dear!