Changing Face of Befuddle

I’ve been sat on the new design of Befuddle for a few week’s now looking for a window to be able to launch it. At the weekend, in an effort to avoid anything tax related, I completely removed all of the old Befuddle content.

I installed the latest version of WordPress, uploaded my bespoke theme and then played with a few gallery plug-ins. With this new format I can easily create a gallery around a celebrity based on the pictures that I’ve had stored for the last eight years.

The site is now live. I’m aware of a few small things that need tweaking which I’ll crack on with during August, once my tax deadline is out of the way. There is one major bug that I’ll be monitoring. Just like this blog there are often WordPress ‘unable to connect to database’ errors. So I may need to move hosts if I feel that will resolve it.

Below, are the subtle different faces of Befuddle. You can see a lot more at Wayback Machine.

This grab from May 2000, just 3 months after the site was named a ‘Yahoo! Pick of the Week’ and I was featured in national newspapers. The content is primarily story driven ie my friends drunken tales. Further down the page there’s a ‘Scooby Doo’ drinking game, which I still get in my keywords list to this day.

Look at this. It’s 2004 and this site has a bit more colour and begins to love itself. The adapted logo tells you the site focuses on drunk celebs. Traffic peaked at 125,000 visitors daily. The stories are relegated to neglected pages. Look on the right to see ‘Trolleyed’, my shopping portal.

Jump to 2007. Ooh that logo is moving on now 🙂 But what happened to that partner site ‘Trolleyed’? Well Shop Codes is the same site as Trolleyed. It just never made any money when it was called Trolleyed! The success of Shop Codes though lead to the downfall of Befuddle. Traffic was at a reasonable 1,000 a day before it crashed and burned in September 2007.

Hello to today! New logo, keeping with the spirit that you’re drunk and a little homage to Paris Hilton. Little content at the moment but I’m in no rush. I’ve got another eight years to enjoy working on my own original first website again.

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2 Responses to “Changing Face of Befuddle”

  1. Hmm i like your designs very similar to the shopcodes thing.


  2. Nice write up Ray.
    How about a link to the site at the bottom of your article?