I’ve taken the red pill

Travelling back to Leeds on Sunday evening, I picked up the Sunday Mail magazine that was left on the train table – apparently the cleaners don’t work on a Sunday – and was hoping this freebie mag would keep me occupied for the next 90 minutes.

A double page spread kept me engrossed for a whole ten minutes and it got me thinking in so many directions.

  1. I made a note on my phone of the new product it was highlighting that I’d research online
  2. I really had to buy this product for personal use and to save money
  3. I could write about the experience?
  4. I could use an unused domain and write about the experience?

What got me excited was a review of the new King of Shaves Azor that is a whole 10 less than the market leader Gillette’s top two sellers and apparently much better.

So I did a search for King of Shaves Azor on Google and found this blog from KMI about their products that also (obviously) saw the same article as me. They handily told me where I could buy it online.

Apparently it only went on sale 23rd June. I bought mine on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th and it arrived the following afternoon at my work’s desk.

I’ve always wanted to blog about free items I receive or report on the phones that I manage to play with, months before they hit the market, so I launched my website ‘Shumper‘.

What’s shumper? Well, last year I was very attached to a jumper that had a shirt collar attached. And my aim was to get through the whole year wearing it. It survived six months but long enough for the word ‘shumper’ to well and truly stick by my friends and colleagues so I bought the domain name.

So it’s here on this domain that I’ll report on clothing or gadgets that make men’s life that little easier. You know the thing, dvd players that also let you watch your old vhs videos and the like.

I may struggle to find the time to write so I’ll be using the blog as a tool to attract more freebies, which will in turn make my life easier and which will give me more free content to write about. Can I lose? No. The site is not there to make any money. It’s merely a domain that I bought that I wasn’t doing anything with.

The site is not fully ‘live’ yet. It’s still doing the DNS rounds and no Word Press plug-in magic has been applied yet.

I’ve taken the red pill and will blog about Azor on Shumper very soon. Will King, I’m happy to sample more of your products.

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6 Responses to “I’ve taken the red pill”

  1. It’s definitely an original idea and a memorable domain name!
    It could take off, we are all lazy!
    I hope it succeeds for you.


  2. hi,

    well, i’m really pleased you’ve “taken the red pill”. we’ve had hugely positive feedback, and although the Azor only ‘soft-launched’ on Monday, we’ve sold thousands…

    there is a king of shaves product page on facebook, alternatively drop me a line with your findings (or blog about it – having had 5 years to ‘nail’ the iStyled razor, i am confident of her performance. if you get me your address, I’ll get you mailed some AlphaGel software so you can enjoy the ‘pure play’ King of Shaves.



  3. very strange, i was on the train last night and was looking at someone far ahead of me reading a newspaper and a massive advert on the back for gillete fusion and thought that someone should bring out a cheaper just as good razer and then now just seen your blog post

  4. Max, I spotted that Gillette have been doing full page newspaper adverts for their Fusion Power too. They must be feeling threatened.

  5. Will, I’m honored that you’ve commented on my blog. I’ve really enjoyed my shaving at the weekend and I’ll blog about it on shumper later today, now that the site is live.

  6. Hi – my pleasure, the thread’s quite interesting as Gillette have upped their ad spend, attempting to explain why Fusion is better than Mach3 (basically, in my opinion, it isn’t – they use exactly the same cartridge architecture, but Fusion costs more… There’s an article on our launch, and why it might just get traction in this month’s Director magazine, http://www.Director.co.uk that you might enjoy reading, and an awesome review of our Azor in this month’s issue of Esquire. “Shave & Prosper”!