Has Your Site Ballooned?

Receive some fun free exposure to your website by taking part in the world’s first ever balloon race across the internet.

The Orange Balloon Race is challenging people to fly their own personalised animals balloon across 1,500 selected websites that include Tesco, The Sun and my own ShopCodes.co.uk.

The contestant who travels the furthest distance will win a luxury 7 night Ibiza holiday for themselves and 7 friends.

20,000 people have signed up at www.playballoonacy.com and if you register your site today they may land on your website over the remaining 6 days.

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3 Responses to “Has Your Site Ballooned?”

  1. Yep, my site is full of balloons strangely floating around. Traffic has certainly increased but most are probably just playing the game. Will be interesting to see the results for sign-ups/commissions etc after it all finishes.

  2. How imaginative. Beats every other viral campaign I’ve seen this year.

  3. Great Idea – just clicked on the balloon Befuddle, not travelled far, may of had its wings clipped.


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