Google Pushes Up ShopCodes

By the time I have finished editing this post it will be dated. For the first time ever my code site is on page one of the Google organic search results pages for 3 popular code-related search phrases.

This is significant as I don’t specifically target these keywords. I put my effort in the more lucrative long-tail keywords with 3 to 5 words included.

It is a sign that Google is trusting my site more to deliver on each of the three sets of phrases I’ve highlighted. Generally I feature on the bottom of the ‘Voucher Code’ page and then on page 2 for the other two search phrases.

The time of day makes a difference. On the mornings I may feature on page 1 for ‘discount codes’ but in the afternoon it will be page 2. Then the next-day the same pattern or the reverse happens.

The result of this increased exposure is that up to 10% of my traffic now arrives from these generic search terms. So I am attracting a brand new audience to my site. This is reflected by my RSS and email newsletter subscriptions.

I usually just increase my subscribers by one a day. This weekend an extra 20 have entered their email address.

I best send out a newsletter for the first time in a month then.

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5 Responses to “Google Pushes Up ShopCodes”

  1. […] Yesterday, Ray blogged that his site has risen in Google to number 10 for the term “discount codes”. Up until yesterday that was the exact position my site held for that exact term! Now my site ian’t anywhere on the first 5 pages for that phrase […]

  2. Congrats Ray 🙂

  3. Well done, i would love my site to be on the frontpage of google for the keyword “discount codes” etc

    Add a link to my site on yours please : )

  4. John, thanks for the comment but I’ve removed the link to your code site as your site uses “show discount code” functionality where there isn’t a code.

  5. The ones that dont have a discount code are printable vouchers so the users are getting what i list on my site, i am not going to recode my site just to point out a code and a printable voucher the visitor still get the use the offer on display on

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