Are you an Earnest Affiliate?

News just in that may affect several high-turnover affiliate sites or people with good Yahoo traffic.

H.Samuel and Ernest Jones will be amending their Terms & Conditions to no longer allow SEO affiliates to use Ernest Jones or H.Samuel brand misspells in URL’s, page titles, meta data and copy within the web pages.

Now, I don’t use misspells on my own code site. It’s only use is to attract visitors from the search engines that can’t spell.

Being a trained journalist it would annoy me to have to type typos just to attract an extra 1% of visitors.

Regardless, I’ll include on my pages on my site any content that I wish. Whether, that’s typos or banner links to competitors.

I know people have brands to protect but these same people probably bid on these same typos via PPC.

Are you an ernest or even an earnest affiliate? A quick check via Google, shows who is.

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4 Responses to “Are you an Earnest Affiliate?”

  1. And so the attack on SEO affiliates begins….

    Must be quiet in the PPC world – everyone doing as they should be so nothing more to complain about!

  2. […] Jewellery Stores H Samuel and Ernest Jones have issued affiliates with new terms and conditions regarding the use of misspellings for SEO purposes. Ray has already blogged about the new terms and discussion is ongoing on affiliates4u. […]

  3. Hey great Site here. There is a lot of money to be made marketing to people who don’t know how to type. LOL.

  4. It is just amazing how many people spell simple words wrong but then why have they now decided to not allow affiliates to use these misspellings for SEO?

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