Affiliate Window Profile ‘Befuddle’

I’ve had the pleasure of being featured in the Affiliate Window merchant newsletter for a second time. Following my site review last month, they’ve now profiled me with a Q&A session.

Being profiled has been successful as I’ve received some encouraging emails from merchants; have a new Exclusive code live for The Beauty Room and a couple of other codes extended into the Summer as a direct result of the positive promotion.

Below is the piece, verbatim, with the exception of my email address removed.

Affiliate Profile

I am…

Raymond Theakston, known as ‘Befuddle’ on the affiliates4u site.

You can find me…

When I’m not in my full time job for Orange in Leeds, I’m updating when you sleep or updating my blog at You can email me at xxx.

What best describes my website? is a directory of UK shops and services, with a particular focus on those that offer promotional codes. It has the largest collection of Exclusive retail codes in the UK. I’ve just invested in and acquired to help build my own brand. After that site launches later this year, I’ll be working on a mobile version.

The best feature on my website is?

All the codes are clearly visible without any ‘click for code’ buttons that hide content and force new windows to open. All codes or sales that have expired are removed, so I have loyal repeat users. [Edit: All the expired promotions will be deleted once the sun goes down.]

Which of the following best describes your affiliate activities?

Niche or true content site
Blog / Personal Website
Product /Price Comparison
Loyalty site
Coupon or Voucher Code redemption site

What is the best piece of affiliate marketing advice you’ve been given?

To capture visitors email addresses and turn them into loyal users. I now have over 500 subscribers to my RSS and newsletter, which is more than the daily visitor numbers I sometimes receive from SEO.

What advice would you give to a brand new affiliate programme manager?

Your email newsletter is probably the most effective tool you have. So include as much information as possible. If you know a sale ends in two weeks time, say so and I can use that effectively.

What are your thoughts of creating a code of conduct for merchants, affiliates and networks to follow?

I sometimes have to deal with other affiliates copying my codes or content verbatim onto their sites. I don’t know if a code of conduct would help me in this position but I do feel that networks should support and police affiliates where necessary.

Which methods have merchants used effectively to motivate you?

If you email me with the word ‘code’ in it, you’ve got my attention immediately. For all the other merchants that don’t offer voucher codes, I’ve been motivated by receiving some very nice gifts and even a holiday over the past year. [Edit: Make that 2 holidays now :)]

How do you use the AWin index to help profile suitable Merchants?

When it first launched I particularly looked at the poor performers to see if I could help them improve and to see if there was some untapped potential.

What is your favourite blog and why?

There isn’t one blog out there that includes all the elements I like which are inspiration; factual statistics on performance and humour. The closest I’ve seen is Jason Dale’s One Little Duck.

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3 Responses to “Affiliate Window Profile ‘Befuddle’”

  1. Hi Ray

    What can I say, but with the amount of free PR you are receiving from this network you are one very lucky person! Make the most of it my friend while you can! I am still waiting for my feature to appear 🙁

    Anyway catch you at the A4U Awards my friend 🙂

  2. Chris, unfortunately I’m unable to attend the awards as it clashes with a lads holiday. I managed to charm myself a free seat at a front table last night too.

    I’ll attend next year, where I’ll expect to be one of the nominees 🙂

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