You’ve Got to be Innit to Win It

I wasn’t in the mood for updating codes last night. I was starting to burn out and needed to work on something light-hearted and a little different. So past the watershed and before bed time I knocked up this Ibiza Sunshine site using the latest affiliate tools from

However I’m not that good with PhotoShop so I set my friends this morning a little task to win themselves some beer from me this evening.

The task was to build me a new logo.

Consolation prize goes to Stephen who took great pride in this facebook graffiti entry. He wins at least one pint.

The winner is James with his “ibiza holidayz innit” logo. James wins himself some nice Stella and as he doesn’t drink much there may be a rollover!

Thanks go to all the other entrants too.

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  1. And the award for affiliate innovation goes to…. 😛

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