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ShopCodes has been featured and reviewed in a new feature of Affiliate Window’s merchant newsletter that is distributed to over 600 shops and services.

In the 1st April edition, the newsletter introduces two affiliates to their merchants; includes technical tips; advice on how to build an affiliate friendly site and has a focus on the fashion sector.

The site review covers 4 areas and gives a total score out of 100. ShopCodes scores a respectable 74.

  • Content 11/25
  • Functionality 21/25
  • Originality 22/25
  • Creativity 20/25
  • Total 74/100

The review notes that the site is well established in the UK (it launched February 2006) and that it focuses on end user offers, particularly promotional codes.

It highlights that the site is user friendly by not hiding codes, a topical subject at the moment as 2 other affiliates are now considering to do so.

The site is very user friendly as all the codes are clearly visible without any ‘click for code’ buttons that hide content and force new windows to open making the site more streamlined for the end user.

One of the lowest scores was for content, reflected as “basic and to the point”.

Content is an area I’ve been working on late into the night throughout April and by adding more non-code content to my pages, SEO traffic has increased by 400%.

The review highlights that I have the domain waiting in the wings and that this domain “should establish Shopcodes as a key player in the UK market.”

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6 Responses to “Affiliate Window Rate Shop Codes”

  1. Well done. Here’s hoping you generate lots more exclusive voucher codes after all that exposure!

  2. Nice review well done

  3. content only 11? mmmm

    Perhaps they mean loads of “unique” content??

  4. Lee, a few other people have picked up on the low content score and feel this should be a lot higher.

    It is the content after all that stops me going to bed at night.

    I think it’s a reflection of the amount and type of content on each page rather than factoring in the sites total 800 offers.

  5. I agree the content score does seem pretty low, but does it really matter? Its a great review for your site and will surely only lead to more codes for you!

  6. Content is king. I agree with Raymond. Content makes sites sticky and is good for SEO too. But, a score of 74 out of 100 is to be called a job well done. 🙂