Thomson Holidays Go Cold

I had a lot of time for Thomson Holidays. The high street travel retailer has jumped into the Top 10 of Hitwise’s Quarterly Hot Shops List.

Meanwhile their affiliate scheme has been Cold for six months.

In November I received a personal email from Peter Norwood saying that they will no longer be giving out exclusive discount codes to affiliates.

“I obviously hope you can continue to promote Thomson but appreciate we’re moving away from your model somewhat!”

That’s all fair Peter but what you didn’t actually go on to say was that you were reducing commissions to 5 without notification.

You did reply to a post on the A4uforum on 11th November:

“Yes we’ve made a decision to reduce what we pay to cashback and voucher code sites, we’re doing this during November and December and will reassess ahead of the January peak in bookings.

Apologies for the email not going out yet.”

It’s now March and I and other affiliates are still waiting for that first email!

As a voucher code site owner that hasn’t promoted your brand with the use of a voucher code since 31st October 2007, why should I receive less commission than someone who runs a blog?

During 2007 I received over 1,000 commission from promoting Thomson Holidays with an Exclusive code. Now I would have to generate 200 sales to receive that amount.

For a 2,516.38 sale where I once made 50.33 commission, I now only receive 5. That’s less than one tenth of what I once received. How can you justify that?

I made a sale of 2,750 just yesterday. So that is approximately 0.18% commission.

Sadly for me Thomson Holidays is my fourth most visited merchants page. Like some other affiliates I may have to look at other methods of monetising this popular page.

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2 Responses to “Thomson Holidays Go Cold”

  1. That is disgusting, you’re being shafted.

  2. I feel your pain mate Thomson Holidays is one of my most visited pages too. I have emailed the account manager to complain and explain that there is extreme ‘leakage’ for them in the sections and pages I use to advertise their program as I try to monetise the traffic with adsense and other holiday programs as opposed to pushing the traffic straight to them for a poultry 5 a sale.

    I have also explained to them that I don’t even have any vouchers for them to promote as they never send any out for use in the affiliate channel. They responded by offering me a code – but I have yet to see it and its been nearly a week since it was promised.

    I feel its really unfair for them to drop the commission rate like this – especially if your not even promoting vouchers on your site, but have a ‘voucher’ or ‘offers’ website.