Taxi for Theakston

This morning an old lady said she’d say pray for me. What a nice gesture I thought until I creepily wondered if she knew something I didn’t.

I was late for work and was about to dash into my taxi waiting outside (not quite at the chauffeur driven lifestyle just yet) when a woman with two crutches asked if I was going in a certain direction.

I said to her I was and I offered her a place in the taxi. Just two minutes later she was gone and she said she’d pray for me.

Since my interview by Kirsty that was well received in the affiliate community, I’ve had an extra 13 subscribers to my blog.

Any increase is good but that is an unlucky number. Was it a sign?

At I explained how my business was doing well and gave insight on my imminent plans and longer term aspirations.

I also said that Google like to keep me on my toes. Well less than 24 hours after that post, the mighty search engine has dropped my angelic site from its search result pages with a big bang.

Yes, you’ll still find Shop Codes with its site links, if you search for ‘shop codes’ but perform a search for ‘voucher codes’ and you won’t find my site in the first 666 results.

So dear old lady. Hope your dentist appointment went well.

Let us pray!

Disclaimer: Ray does not insinuate that other affiliates will be hit with the alliterative ‘Curse of Kirsty’ but does recommend you do a good deed today to avoid bad karma.

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8 Responses to “Taxi for Theakston”

  1. Most studies show that prayer is just a waste of everyone’s time 🙂

    – Charles

  2. Sounds like Kirsty owes you a drink or ten

  3. Back luck Ray.

    My Voucher code site disappeared on Sunday and reappeared today. The serps are bouncing a fair bit at the moment…

  4. Oh yes! It’s all my fault, isn’t it? The curse of Cubbers strikes again 😉

  5. If its any consolation, I bought an iPhone yesterday and as I wasn’t signed up as an affiliate for any of o2, cpw or apple, I decided to go through the link on shopcodes to o2, so hopefully you got the commission for that one 🙂

  6. […] As promised, here’s the second of my three interviews with real affiliates. Now, Ray Theakston has mentioned his luck has been on the decline since he spoke to me but I can assure all my readers (and my remaining interviewees) that it’s just a coincidence and that there’s no “Kirsty’s Curse”. […]

  7. I hope she flies back up the rankings for you mate. Just hang tight and I am sure that your site will rise again. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  8. So Do I….Good luck!