Webgains Voucher Code System Sale

I’ve recorded my first sale using the new Webgains Voucher Tool system.

When clicking on today’s earnings and the commission amount for JustSocca I can see that a code was actually used in the sale process. That’s good to know.

I can see what products were purchased. Also useful.

I can also see which code was used. Very useful. My Exclusive “SHOPCODES1” code was given to me on the 25th and it made a sale on the 26th. I’m impressed with that.

I’ll use that information to make sure JustSocca receive a prominent position on the site.

Interestingly the sale didn’t have any url data. So I don’t know what page or creative was used to get the sale.

Now that Webgains are paying on code usage and not last cookie referrer, it’s feasible that it was another affiliates website.

Now that would be even better.

I’ve raised one issue with the system in that the customer discount wasn’t listed alongside the voucher description. So I had to still refer to my emails to confirm. This is reliant on merchants including as much detail as possible in the ‘description’ field.

Well done Webgains.

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3 Responses to “Webgains Voucher Code System Sale”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your comments. I will ensure the merchant updates their description information so it is more clear what the discount is. Please let us know if you have any further feedback, its very welcome!


  2. “Now that would be even better.”
    Why’s that then?

  3. As it would mean that I am being appropriately paid for my syndicated content.

    If other sites lifted my content (the exclusive code) and I was being paid for its use in a sale, then it’s an extra revenue stream that I didn’t have before.

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