Stop the Leakage

I have 34 emails in my inbox that are tagged with the word ‘closure’. These emails all relate to merchants that are closing their affiliate programs soon, moving to another network or have in fact closed.

I deal with these emails as low priority but sometimes if one of your better performing merchants is included, it’s wise to act fast.

The JD Williams brand recently moved all of their sites to the dgm network away from Commission Junction (CJ). I’d started to transfer many links over but I was made aware that I’d missed a few pages.

When you login to CJ it tells you how many links are ‘invalid’ i.e. going to a merchant that is no longer live on their network.

I saw that I had 75 clicks for the JD Williams brand and that I should really stop that leakage, as every visitor lost was a potential lost commission.

The report not only tells you what url the click came from but the creative used.

I changed all of the links on the page to those on dgm and included a network tracking code, so I could measure the effectiveness.

Immediately sales began to be recorded and the commissions stopped being leaked away.

Webgains recently announced that closed merchants links will be switched over to a similar merchant in the same sector, ensuring us affiliates can still receive commissions.

We’ll automatically be signed up to the new related merchants and if you want to see which links are affected, you can set up a daily or weekly scheduled ‘click error’ report which can be emailed to you.

My mission for this week is to stop further leakage. I now have 34 emails to action.

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2 Responses to “Stop the Leakage”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this. The Crown Bingo programme will be closing on the 5th March (tracking until the 5th April) and moving to our own in house system

    We had 750 affiliates on, 45 have re-applied, about 200 email bounced or no longer existed… so where have the other 500 gone?

    Leaking away no doubt… I’ll send them another email when the programme actually closes at the start of next month, but if anyone has any suggestions of how I can get affiliates to read that email it will be most appriciated.

    I know in the short term this will save Crown money, but in the long term we don’t want to look like we don’t care about affiliates moving over, after all nobody likes to loose things when they move!


  2. How much of your time has this taken, I wonder.

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