ShopCodes Sitelinks Success

ShopCodes has been rewarded with an extra eight links displayed when you perform a Google search. is the number one result for the search query ‘shop codes’ that has over 3million results.

These additional links shown below only some sites in the Google search results are called sitelinks and are there to help users navigate.

Shop Codes sitelinks

Google systems have analyzed the link structure of ShopCodes to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Google only show sitelinks for results when they think they’ll be useful to the user. If they don’t think that the sitelinks are relevant for the user’s query, they won’t show them.

The links are completely automated and you have to be in the first position for a search, for a chance to have this feature applied to your site.

I’ve ten links in total displayed when you include the second result on the page. Some sites only have five.

As well as linking to my voucher codes, exclusive codes and site map pages, the sitelinks list some high profile merchants too. Currys, Dixons, Figleaves, Debenhams and Tesco all feature.

Unfortunately at this time there are no affiliate released codes for Tesco and Debenhams, so I’ve included an RSS subscription form prominently on those pages.

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6 Responses to “ShopCodes Sitelinks Success”

  1. Hi Ray

    Congratulations on your sitelinks.

    Do you know you have a little control over which links are shown in Google Webmaster Tools?

    Personally i usually just let Google pick the ones they like but you can select pages not to be shown etc.

  2. Hello Ray

    Nice! You’d think the sitelinks will increase conversions.

    Funny how Google decides when to show them – search for and they don’t appear.

    They evidently think your site is worthwhile!

    @Ash …nice WP theme

  3. Congratulations Ray, sitelinks are not easy to get and the sign of a good site.

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  5. […] As well as the sitelinks, Google is also now indexing my site at the fastest crawl rate meaning my pages are getting indexed quicker, resulting in more conversions and commissions. […]

  6. Good result Ray and nice anchor text in your link there lol! I’ve been doing some free SEO for the krav maga club I go to recently, got them from 15 to 4 for their main keyword so far on a .uk search. Got to keep slogging away at the links!

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