‘Peel Away’ Pages Catches Imagination

During Valentine’s month I thought I’d promote Figleaves a little differently on my site. The merchant was once my top performer for a while but sales stagnated.

Eagle-eyed visitors to my ShopCodes site may have spotted in the top right corner that my page was peeling away.

There was an intentionally subtle hint of an offer, if they clicked or ‘peeled away’ the page.

By hovering their mouse over the corner, the page would pull back and they’d see an existing Figleaves offer, promoting a 10% Valentine’s discount code and free delivery.

I created the background page by merging two existing Figleaves creatives together and I created the small teaser image by cropping another.

I heard a rumour that an affiliate network was offering this ad format over a year ago. It never happened so I bought the code for a measly $7.

For the first two weeks of February I’ve generated over 1,500 worth of sales for Figleaves.com who are on both the TradeDoubler and LinkShare networks.

With tracking code, I can see that buyers have directly used this new form of advertising space.

Now that Valentine’s is approaching and this code is about to expire very soon I’m looking for a new merchant to promote in this spot.

Personally I’d like a merchant to offer me a modest 100 bonus fee to be present there on top of any commissions I may receive.

I require two creatives. 75×75 pixels and 500×500 pixels. Not all of that space is used, so the key content should be displayed top and right.

Ideally the promotion would be topical (Mother’s Day/ Easter) and it would include a valid promotional code, so that the slot adds value and is more than just a click-through direct to merchant.

So, if you’re interested please get in touch.

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15 Responses to “‘Peel Away’ Pages Catches Imagination”

  1. It’s a nice idea Ray, but having just tried it on both IE and Firefox it doesn’t work for me.

    On IE – there’s no peel away, whilst on Firefox there is but as soon as the mouse goes near it, the peel away goes in the wrong direction and closes.

    Might just be me – lol – but it might be worth doing a few tests to see how it works in other browsers.


  2. Hi Jason. I’ve seen it working on 7 browsers on 4 different machines, so that’ll do for me. I use Firefox as default and did have to install ShockWave on IE for it to display. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Works fine in my version of firefox 🙂

  4. Yeh I saw it the other day and was impressed. I made a mental note to try and get the code for myself. But as with most mental notes, I loose them.

    Any chance of pointing us to the code?

    Or should I just take it from the site?

    Ta, for your insight BTW.


  5. Looks like it was just me – cleared cache and all that milarky and yes it works fine.

    Neat idea!

  6. You can find it here for only $7 http://www.peelawayscript.com

  7. That’s a really sweet looking ad, and as someone who hates obtrusive advertising on sites it would really tempt me to peel back the page; there’s also something strangely satisfying about it! Thanks for the link to the script too!

  8. Thanks for the heads up Ray.

    A very interesting script and marketing idea.

  9. Really nice, I don’t usually like gimmicky ad formats, but there’s something about the way that the ‘flap’ wafts about that just makes it irrisistable.

    Colours go a bit weird in Firefox on Ubuntu, but that’s just me showing off 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it.

  10. What a great idea – well done mate.

  11. Looks like you’re in good company. John Chow’s just done a post on the same thing : http://www.johnchow.com/make-money-online-with-the-peel-away-ad/

    Guess we’ll be seeing millions of them now!

  12. Just gone to the site:


    And i`m getting:

    “Welcome to Your New Hosting Package
    This is your index.html page
    Please replace this when you upload your website”

    So unfortunately it looks like it may have gone 🙁

  13. Had a quick hunt round for an alternative, and found a free one at:



    Tried to PM you back Ray, but your A4U message box is full so wouldn’t let me send.

  14. You’re all so late! I had on my blog in July 07! LOL!

    I moved server and it refused to work so it’s been relegated to my hard drive closet.

  15. Theres also a free module for any Joomla users that does the same thing, downloadable from here :