‘Pay Day’ Becomes ‘Play Day’

Never have I felt so happy printing off a ‘mini statement’ at the cashpoint.

It was only last month that I was paying out 770 to pay off a 3-year Personal Loan, which in turn helped pay off Credit Cards that had increased their interest rates up to 18% APR.

Today is a very different day. For the first time in probably all the time I’ve been in full time employment, a monthly payment went in and remained there. It’s not moved. I’ve just checked again online. Yes, it’s still there.

  • The LOAN is gone!
  • The CREDIT CARDS are gone!
  • The OVERDRAFT is gone!

And that money in that personal account is mine to save with only a small gym payment and this month’s rent to take care of.

I can say to get to this position wasn’t easy. But in fact it was. It just involved sitting at the computer for a couple of weekends and building a site up from scratch. Then it involved maintaining the site for a couple of hours every evening, once I’d gone home from my full time job.

Before I got the loan I calculated it would take me over 30 years to pay off my credit card debts because I was paying off a significant amount but the interest was still racking up.

With that kind of debt hanging around, it’s not difficult to get motivated to get a second job or sit at the computer.

In fact forget the debt, it’s not difficult to get motivated to sit at the computer when just ‘Big Brother’ is on!

I had a fear that I’d lose the motivation to update ShopCodes once I’d got to this stage.

Far from it. The scare I had last week when Google stopped linking to my home page for four days has made me more determined to take the site to the next level.

I’ve been updating the site by adding lots of fresh codes, pinging my RSS feed and emailing my subscribers.

And those extra hours updating the site have been rewarded in a few ways by Google since. It’s like the big search engine is keeping a watchful eye on me.

As well as the sitelinks, Google is also now indexing my site at the fastest crawl rate meaning my pages are getting indexed quicker, resulting in more conversions and commissions.

Pay Day’s don’t come soon enough but with continued affiliate marketing success how many more will there be?

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6 Responses to “‘Pay Day’ Becomes ‘Play Day’”

  1. Sounds like things are looking up for you. It just goes to prove that a little focus and a bit of hard work, always pays off.

  2. That’s MY bloody fiver Ray!! Get it sent back!

    Lol, seriously… congratulations. You’re a real success story, now get thy affiliate bahookie over to Australia for a barbie!

  3. Well done Ray. Its good to hear that your hard work is paying off for you.
    Just by looking at the quality of your sites and there content I can see its well deserved.


  4. Cracking news 🙂

    Hope you go and spend a bit on yourself as a reward 😀

    Keep it up Ray, your an inspiration to me and many others

  5. […] So this year I should be able to have a comfortable lifestyle with my day-job salary whilst any money made for my business will just make the company bank account even larger. *You can read all about Ray Paying off his Debts in a year on his blog here* […]

  6. Hi Ray,

    I know I’m a little late to stumble across this but I’m glad I have. A great positive story that’s chucking buckets of inspiration my way.


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