Surgery Now Open

I thought I’d take a moment out to praise an excellent email from Jon from, the contents of which should shame those affiliate managers who kick under performing affiliates away.

Health Check

“Why doesn’t convert for me? If you are one of the affiliates that aren’t seeing sales come through regularly you are probably wondering what is going wrong. Don’t despair send me an email with your name, ID, a brief note of what you do to promote us and any links, and I will review and give you a full health check by response…”

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Jon, who replies to every single affiliate email should be taken up on his offer as there is a healthy 10% commission available for every sale.

Even high performers can earn up to 20%, so it maybe worth seeing how you can generate £10,000 worth of sales in a month.

I’ve yet to implement the suggestions he made to me in our last email thread but I am satisfied with the slight improvement my own site has made in conversions.

This January I’ve already generated 33% of the sales total I made in the whole of 2007.

I promote the merchant with an Exclusive promotional code, which is provided to me on a monthly rolling basis, so if I don’t perform, I may lose the code.

Compare Jon’s email with the one from B&Q, both on the Affiliate Window network.

“B&Q is currently under going a review of their affiliate activities. We are looking to ensure B&Q partners with Affiliates driving high volume traffic and sales to

Unfortunately, as part of this process we are looking to remove affiliates who are not delivering the desired threshold on these metrics from the program.

After reviewing the clicks and sales delivered from your website in the last 3 months, you have not met our minimum threshold. Thus, it is with regret that we will be suspending you from the B&Q program. This will take effect 7 days from receipt of this email.”

B&Q, I think your affiliate program needs a health check.

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3 Responses to “ Surgery Now Open”

  1. This is why I’m reluctant to sign up to Affiliate Window. I’ve heard a lot of tales about merchants cutting affiliates out because they are not delivering enough traffic.

    The last thing I want to do is work my socks off getting a program converting to be told at that point “tough luck, out you go”.

    I rarely hear tales of this from other networks. I’m sure it goes on and I’ve had one or two (literally) emails telling me this from other networks. Not to the extent that AWin seams to experience this though.

  2. […] Much has been said and written over the past few weeks when discussing how affiliate programmes should be managed if they’re to be successful. A few examples can be found here, over there and in that direction. This includes both inhouse and managed programmes. My traffic lights have arisen partly due to wishing to thank a few merchants, but also to highlighting the extremety between good and bad merchant. […]

  3. Great site for commissions is who have just increased their commission levels to 15% for any sale amount with a cookie length of 60 days. We have been having great sales from them before so am sure to do well. From memory they are with affiliate windows.

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