‘Mega Monday’ was Mega!

The Independent reported that the first day following the first weekend of December, nicknamed ‘Mega Monday’, was going to see millions of shoppers online. The day was hyped to replace the last Saturday before Christmas as the vital day for gift shopping.

Over at the back-bedroom of Shop Codes towers I suspected that Monday was going to be a good profitable day. The signs were there. I’d spent the weekend not only removing all of November’s expired codes but adding a further 45 new ones to the mix. So the site was full of valid promotional codes and fresh content.

Sunday’s traffic was high too with an extra 266 unique visitors compared to Saturday.

So did ‘Mega Monday’ live up to the hype? Oh yes!

  • RECORD NUMBER OF UNIQUE VISITORS: An extra 158 visitors arrived on the site compared to Sunday. There were also an extra 296 more visitors than the previous Monday, which itself was a good day as it was many people’s pay day.

  • RECORD NUMBER OF REPEAT VISITORS: I take a lot of joy knowing that my repeat visitor numbers are climbing. I try to ensure that every code that is published on Shop Codes is valid and I test the majority myself. I also don’t imply that there is a code, if there isn’t. I believe users will trust the site more. On Monday I had more repeat visitors than I had total unique visitors during 11th August 2007.

  • RECORD NUMBER OF PAGE VIEWS: An extra 727 pages were viewed from the previous day and this was an increase on 599 from the previous Monday. With Shop Codes converting at 37% for some merchants, the more pages viewed the better.

  • RECORD NUMBER OF DAILY SALES FOR ONE MERCHANT. My most visited merchant’s page converts at a staggering 37%. With a high commission of £32.99 and a low of £0.48.

  • RECORD TOTAL OF COMMISSION: So with more unique visitors, repeat visitors, page views and a high conversion rate, how MEGA was ‘MEGA’? Well, I can confirm it was the highest commission day ever for Shop Codes. I was impressed with Sunday’s total and I received £240 more commission.

  • COME ON! HOW MEGA? For those that know me, or those who just want to guess, I received 8 times more commission in one day than what I receive for a days work in my full time employment. (And no, I’m not on minimum wage.) Considering that I only spent one hour updating the site on the Monday, that’s one fantastic hourly rate. Mega even!

Question is, so what do we call the Tuesday following ‘Mega Monday’. ‘Teasing…’, ‘Tiny…’, ‘Tortuous’?

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15 Responses to “‘Mega Monday’ was Mega!”

  1. ooohhh…. yes, Monday was quite mega for me too. It’s not the Mega-est day I’ve ever had, but it was mega enough for me to break out the booze at 9pm last night!!

  2. I had my best ever day – roll on tremendous tuesday!

  3. My best day ever as well, mega monday indeed! 🙂 Don’t you just love Christmas!

  4. i do some work on an e-commerce site, and entirely agree that monday was very good. in fact the last week in november was great, which means the past 2 weeks have been a rollercoaster. today so far seems strong too. if the retail economy is down, then shoppers are walking with their fingers on their keyboards, not pounding the streets, surely. roll on christmas!

  5. […] Inspired by an affiliates blog post about the affects of ‘Mega’ Monday on his stats, I decided to have a look at how Firebox was affected by what is supposed to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. […]

  6. Timid Tuesday ..

  7. Tuesday was ‘tremendous’ for me. It was a slow burner but picked up to become my second best day ever.

  8. Having had the weekend and Monday and Tuesday off work – I know awful time to take off but I owed it to the other half – I was expecting to come back to find disappointing figures.

    I was happy to see that I was totally wrong, it could have better but it’s enough to have put a smile on my face and is great motivation to do even better next year.

  9. Monday broke all records for me too, then Tuesday dipped as was expected. However… Wednesday pipped Monday as the new record day.

    I can see general sales being highest on Monday (for cashback / code sites etc) but those with niche sites may see their higher days coming in over the coming week or so.

  10. Wonderful Wednesday .. how’s everyone else done?

  11. Hi Ray

    Thanks for the interesting read!

    A couple of nosey questions if you don’t mind:

    1. Are you using PPC to get visitors or is just natural search traffic?

    2. Content rich site …is is hand editted by yourself?

    BTW ..why have you still got one of those nasty day jobs ?

    I’ve added your blog to my feed reader – looks an interesting read.



  12. 1. All the traffic received is organic. A recent blog post shows that I’ve only done PPC one day since April.

    2. The site is all hand crafted by myself, in the evenings and weekends.

    BTW – yes, I’ve got a day job. I wouldn’t call it nasty because it’s far from it. I’m surrounded by my mates who are talented and friendly people. I’d call it comfortable.

  13. […] Well I must say that Ray at Befuddled was right. Mega / Cyber Monday was great! However, I actually had an even better “Topping Tuesday” and “Wicked Wednesday” beat the pair of them hands down. I’m not going to bore you with stats because my Duncan’s made me promise not to constantly count up how much I’m earning and what the profit margins are . This is my best Christmas ever. A great feeling for me in view of the fact I’d done no preparation before we got home at the end of September. […]

  14. How long does everyone think this bubble will last? This is my first Christmas and I’m thinking it’ll maybe last until around Monday 17th Dec?

  15. […] ‘Mega Monday’ was Mega! […]

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