210 Minutes Mobile Time

Mobile phone users spend 210 minutes per week using it for activities other than texting or ringing family and friends.

Orange have carried out research and it shows that people are using their mobiles more often to access the internet.

For those users with mobiles, the phone is now the most popular way to access media such as Internet, music, games and video between noon and 6pm.

People are using their phones to access mobile media for over three hours and 30 minutes a week with the average media session lasting for ten minutes or more. This compares to an average of two hours and 40 minutes spent reading print media, like newspapers and magazines.

Laura Chaibi, media research manager, Orange, said: “Mobile media is at a tipping point as more and more people take up the range of services available and the opportunities for operators, media companies and advertisers are growing rapidly.”

Just another reason we should be seeing more merchants and therefore affiliates operating in this space during 2008.

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1 Response to “210 Minutes Mobile Time”

  1. Since skype came in i know spend more time on skype than i do using my mobile phone, I send like 1-2 texts a day with it and thats it really.