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Some of us affiliates have day jobs and have to spend a rotten 50 minutes waiting for and using public transport to get from home to work. Listening to people coughing, sneezing or frantically ringing bosses that they’re stuck in traffic is not the most efficient use of time.

So I use my travel time as an opportunity to read some of my emails on my Sony Ericsson K800i and catch up on the latest affiliate marketing news and gossip.

Using Opera Mini which is free to download, I can quickly see which of my favourite affiliate authors have updated content by looking in the RSS folder.

My favourite is the Affiliate Marketing Blog from UK Offer Media. This is Kieron’s blog, recognised as a ‘super affiliate’ at a4uexpo 2007 and he updates every other day on a wide range of affiliate subjects.

The posts are concise and appeal to seasoned and new affiliates alike. Reading the post via RSS, the website design is stripped out so that you can ignore all the navigation and banner advertising and get straight to the content.

Even in this most basic format the post is recognisable by its tone of voice.

The ‘Apple iPhone‘ post includes a crisp clean image that grabs your attention. The post includes emotion, fact and humour. With all his posts, Kieron signs off with ‘What I’m listening to right now’ which adds a very personal touch.

If I want to interact with the post or read some of the user generated comments I can click the headline. You then see the Affiliate Marketing Blog is optimised for small screen devices and takes up two pages, demonstrating that you don’t need a fancy new iPhone to browse the Internet.

A couple of scrolls takes you past the headline, strapline, RSS and most popular posts.

The text presents well and by the time you’ve read the post and comments, you’ve viewed approximately 60% of the 40k page.

The best aspect of this blog via mobile is that you can still interact with it on the move. Many other blogs and forums make it difficult if not impossible to interact via mobile, as they struggle to handle the forms or use captcha images that do not display.

At you can simply add a comment by entering your name, email and website address and if you’re a previous poster it will be added immediately.

Kieron’s blog is perfect reading to start or end the working day. His well written content can be absorbed before you have to leave that busy public transport.

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